Albany: Trevor Cosh

14 Feb, 2013 01:00 AM
Liberal candidate for the seat of Albany, Trevor Cosh.
Liberal candidate for the seat of Albany, Trevor Cosh.

Liberal candidate for Albany Trevor Cosh

p Gas pipeline

Albany needs better infrastructure, to drive our local economy forward.

Unlike other candidates, I am fully committed as part of Colin Barnett's Liberal team to delivering the Bunbury-Albany gas pipeline in 2015.

This is a critical project for Albany that will allow local families to make the switch from expensive bottled gas, as well as being crucial to the expansion of local businesses and attracting new business operators to Albany, thereby creating jobs for local people.

Only a Barnett Liberal Government will build the pipeline and in due course will put a gas power station as a major user of the pipeline.

p Albany

I want to sceure new economic drivers for Albany. Making our local economy stronger and creating jobs for local people has to be our first priority.

If we can make that happen over the next four years, then many of the other things we want to see in Albany - including greater levels of tourism, a reduction in crime and anti-social activity and more young people choosing to live in our local community - will flow from the opportunities presented by a stronger regional economy.

I'm passionate about attracting tourists to Albany by backing efforts to improve local accommodation facilities and supporting new local hospitality initiatives.

p Local crime

We need to get tough on local crime, such as hooning around local streets, which is both dangerous and disrupts the way of life so many people in our local community enjoy. That's why I'm supporting tough mandatory minimum jail sentences and funding for more CCTV cameras to make our streets safer and improve police response times.

p Local infrastructure

Delivering improved local infrastructure such as the gas pipeline, to underpin Albany's growth over the coming decade. We have a lot to be proud of in our local community but we can't afford to stand still.



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