City kids ready for cattle show

30 Sep, 2004 07:00 PM

LOCKRIDGE Senior High School students honed their cattle parading skills in preparation for the Perth Royal Show which starts on Saturday.

Students competed for the chance to qualify for the school's team to take part in the student paraders competition which has been active at the show since 1992.

The school is renowned for its excellent focus on the beef cattle production enterprise which provides most of its farm's operating revenue.

Steers paraded at the show are bought in externally by the school or are offered by breeders from all over WA.

The steers are then run on a strictly commercial basis, allowing students to participate in all aspects of their management and show preparation.

Event organiser and course overseer Jeff Dawe said the day is aimed at involving the whole school and encouraging participants.

"The idea is that those who come and watch become involved and those who are already involved get the chance to demonstrate what they have learned," Mr Dawe said.

"Winners on the day will be eligible for participation at the Perth Royal Show Paraders competition.

"Seeing as animal production and marketing is a huge component of what the students are leaning about, having the opportunity to show an animal off to its best advantage will provide the students with an invaluable experience."

Participating at this year's Royal will be year 12 student and winner of the principals trophy Greg Minchin, year 11 student and winner of the grooming trophy Nicole Cross, Parading trophy winner, Jeff Smith, year 11 and winner of the inaugural Peter Baldwin memorial trophy for the best aggregate in grooming, leading and overall parading was Chris Wenzel, year 11.

The winners were judged by Black Velvet Angus stud principal Grant Brooks, who commended the students for their effort and preparation.

"I was really looking for those participants who were constantly alert and aware of what was happening in the ring," Mr Brooks said.

"It really is vital for handlers to show their animals off to the best advantage as potential buyers are always on the lookout."

The students will be part of the group showing at the Royal in the next few weeks.


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