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17 Sep, 2003 10:00 PM

REGULAR trips to America are the latest reward for Kevin Gellatly's lifetime commitment to shearing.

Mr Gellatly, 55, began shearing sheep in Perenjori at 17 and has now diversified into alpacas.

He has shorn at the Perth Royal Show for 20 years and will demonstrate on sheep and alpacas this year.

In April, he travelled to America for a series of alpaca shearing demonstrations by Heineger.

He said there was strong American interest in the animals and he will be return again next year.

"Alpacas in Australia and America are comparable," he said.

"There are some very fine animals there and there are some very fine animals here."

He said the Royal Show provided a good opportunity to promote alpacas in WA.

Heineger has also released an instructional video on how to shear the animals.


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