Dick Smith's $1m donation to farmers

14 Dec, 2015 08:40 AM
Dick Smith.
The farming community badly needs our assistance.
Dick Smith.

DICK Smith Foods today presented a record donation for $1 million to Aussie Helpers – the national charity assisting farmers who are battling to stay on the land.

It is the biggest single donation made by Dick Smith Foods in its 13-year history.

“I wanted to support Aussie Helpers because they provide tremendous help for struggling farmers across Australia,” Dick Smith, Founder of Dick Smith Foods, said.

“Plus it’s mainly run by volunteers and has hardly any overheads.”

In the past 18 months alone volunteers from Aussie Helpers, based in Queensland, have travelled 600,000 kilometres to visit 1300 families living on remote stations.

“The farming community badly needs our assistance. I was in Longreach recently and there was not one blade of grass in sight on much of the land,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith said he had long been an admirer of Brian Egan, who set up Aussie Helpers in 2002 from his home in Charleville and continues to work tirelessly championing farmers doing it tough.

“I’ve always thought we should be assisting his amazing work for the Australian farming community,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Egan gratefully accepted the million-dollar cheque, saying that he and everyone involved with Aussie Helpers was “astounded” at the generosity of Dick Smith Foods.

“I know Dick Smith is a staunch supporter of Aussie farmers, and this amount of money will be changing people’s lives for sure,” he said.

Dick Smith Foods have been giving their proceeds to charity for 13 years – a staggering $7.9 million to date, including today's $1 million donation.

“This will absolutely help people stay on their properties,” Mr Egan added.

Contact Aussie Helpers on 1300 665 232 or visit www.aussiehelpers.org.au.

100 per cent of profits from Dick Smith Foods go to charity.

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Rob Moore
14/12/2015 11:26:02 AM

Brian Egan and Dick Smith are two genuine Aussie heros. Take note-all you self serving trough dwelling politicians that "borrow -then waste huge amounts of public money" Julie Bishops $30K just for a return trip for one nights fundraiser is a classic example.Also wasting $800M of taxpayers money - in Paris COP21 is scandalous & NOT part of the elected govts BRIEF.It is deja vu -Krudd and a bad omen for serious /stable govt. These 2 men have done more in a day than 20yrs of NFFgimmicks- their digital solutions are usually the middle finger variety to the people of the bush-Coles&banks part of
14/12/2015 12:23:14 PM

If you care about Australia its people and it's farmers you buy Australian made from Soap to Strawberry Jam. Aldi sells more Australian made goods then Coles and Woolworths. Just look out for Australian made and put a few more in your trolley or basket.
14/12/2015 12:56:10 PM

And ColesWorth keep on pursuing a model of minimum rewards to producers
14/12/2015 2:15:16 PM

Thanks to Dick Smith. Take note other businessmen/women. Pity Oprah didn't see our bush drought and help a little.
Bruce Deans
15/12/2015 1:40:52 PM

Our government should sucond people such as Dick Smith to oversee the governance of our elected members .It is a disgrace to see the waste( all first class for the hangers on) the junkets to Paris when we could have put that money (our money)to ease the devastation in our communities. I feel totally inadequate just mentioning Dick and Brian God bless you and your band of helpers


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