Diners flock to unique food experience

31 Mar, 2012 04:00 AM
Brian McMullen with one of The Loose Goose's signature dishes, pork belly.
Brian McMullen with one of The Loose Goose's signature dishes, pork belly.

WITH a fantastic service, an incredibly interesting menu and atmosphere you just can't fake The Loose Goose could easily fit in on the swanky Fremantle dining strip.

But walk out the doors and you will find yourself on the main street of the sleepy seaside town of Esperance.

Opened in 2003, The Loose Goose is an unexpected gem and offers locals and tourists the chance for an exceptional dining experience far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Run by Brian and Gaye McMullen and Les Turner who greet everyone with huge smiles as they walk in, this restaurant really is something special.

"Nothing is imported, we only serve Australian products," Brian said.

"We have wild caught barramundi from Darwin, Tasmanian salmon and our scallops, gummy shark, lamb and pork are all sourced locally."

The family-run business is also not shy about offering offal, something that is rarely seen on the menu these days and according to Brian dishes like the homemade crumbed lambs brains keep people coming back.

"We wouldn't be able to take the brains off the menu they sell so well," he said.

"All our offal dishes are a big hit, we always try to keep a kidney or tripe and liver special on and we have sometimes had gizzard salad.

"They all sell exceptionally well."

Although a population of more than 9000 people makes Esperance far from a small town the isolation makes it important to keep the locals happy, and Brian and his team have done just that.

"About 80 per cent of our customers are local," Brian said.

"And they have been very supportive.

"We also have people from Kalgoorlie that have become regulars as they come down here for holidays so often and always eat here."

Perhaps the most famous dish found on The Loose Goose's menu is the roasted pig's nipples which according to Brian are ordered without fail every night.

"The pig's nipples are very popular and we have even had the comedian Ross Noble in here one night to try them," Brian said.

Brian, Gaye and Les have created a unique and memorable experience that keeps people coming back time and time again.

The Loose Goose name is also hard to forget, which Brian said he thought of in the good old fashioned way.

"It just fell out the bottom of a red wine bottle one night and we have stuck with it," he said.


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