Frosty mornings break records

04 Aug, 2014 09:20 AM
A cold air mass was dragged north from Antarctica on Thursday and Friday

AS Adelaide froze through its coldest August morning on record, residents could take comfort at least from knowing record-breaking cold starts were not limited to the southern capital, as parts of Australia's south-east shivered through their coldest August morning in more than 50 years on the weekend.

Adelaide chilled to 0.9 of a degree just before sunrise on Monday, seven degrees below average and equalling the August record, set in 1888.

It was even frostier in the city's northern suburbs, getting as cold as -1.3 degrees at Parafield and -0.7 at Edinburgh, both within a degree of the August record.

Severe frost occurred across South Australia, including the Murraylands, Riverland, Mid North and North East Pastoral.

Yunta was one of the coldest spots in the state, freezing to -5.8 degrees, only a day after recording a minus six-degree minimum, achieving its coldest pair of mornings in eight years.

Both Snowtown and Renmark also had their coldest pair of mornings in eight years, dipping below -2.5 and -5 degrees respectively. Renmark chilled to -5.6 degrees this morning, 10 degrees below average and its coldest August morning in at least 20 years.

Late last week we had a strong cold front cross south-eastern Australia, bringing snow to the Adelaide Hills but leaving the atmosphere very dry in its wake.

The next few mornings will still be chilly with widespread frost but generally it won't be quite as cold as the last few due to a bit more cloud cover.

A high pressure system over South Australia will linger until at least mid-week, keeping winds light away from the south-east and far north of the state and enabling frost to develop.

Frost at this time of year is usually not a big problem but to have consecutive frosts is. And with the mild and wet start to winter, crops have matured faster than normal, making them more vulnerable to damage.

- Only twice in 127 years of records has Adelaide dipped below freezing. On June 7th and 8th in 1982 it got as cold as -0.2 and -0.4 respectively.

Below zero starts across the south

If there was ever a day to stay in bed that bit longer it was Sunday, with overnight temperatures plunging below zero across New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

In NSW, Narrandera in the Riverina dropped to minus five - nine below average and the coldest August morning in 40 years.

Hillston (-5) had their coldest morning in over 50 years of records. The previous coldest morning was in July 1958 when the mercury dropped to -4.4.

Griffith (-3.3) recorded there coldest morning since June 2007 and the coldest August morning in 33 years.

Those in Cooma awoke to a very frosty morning with a low of -10.6 degrees while at Perisher Valley it dropped to a bone chilling -13.

Sydney didn't escape the chill with the western suburbs of Campbelltown, Camden and Richmond all dropping below zero. The city itself had a minimum of just 5.5 degrees, the coldest in four years.

Canberra chilled to minus six making it coldest morning in over a year.

In Victoria, Ballarat chilled to -4.6 degrees which was the coldest August morning in 51 years and the coldest of any month in 12 years. At 7:30am it was only 1.4 degrees in Melbourne which is the coldest morning since 1998. At the same time Avalon was sitting on -3.2, the coldest in 17 years.

A cold air mass was dragged north from Antarctica on Thursday and Friday with a strong cold front before a broad high pressure system moved in over the region.

A high pressure system behind the front allowed skies to clear quickly and winds to become light - the perfect ingredients for cold nights and mornings.

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4/08/2014 5:14:27 PM

Climate change is freezing my poor brass monkeys bits off!! More carbon dioxide required please.
4/08/2014 8:02:21 PM

Did the roof come off the Greenhouse???
5/08/2014 5:58:08 AM

Don't worry, I'm sure the models predicted is.
5/08/2014 6:33:21 AM

Qlander, don't be thick. What the models (and observations and measurements) predicted was increasing extreme weather events in the context of a globally warming climate. No single weather event proves anything, except as part of a trend. Globally, the graph is zigzag but the trend is upwards. See: /
5/08/2014 6:53:32 AM

Hang in there skeptics...the sane world needs you to stand up against the new religion. If only the "science" was based on fact not models......still it gives God a break
5/08/2014 10:01:15 AM

Your flogging a dead horse Nico.You cant teach a God fearing, back country hick new tricks.
Frank Blunt
5/08/2014 11:47:54 AM

Its insulting and rude attitudes like yours Fridge that make us skeptics know we are on the right side. DH.
Albert Einstein
5/08/2014 6:27:14 PM

The trend is up upwards is it Nico ? Over what time scale ???
7/08/2014 9:42:21 AM

See: /
7/08/2014 10:24:06 AM

True to form you sign off with an insult. I've read nothing but insults and rudeness from you for months FB, but zero actual evidence to support your claims. Here's a tip. Hows about using the overwhelming scientific opinion to decide if your on the right side of the argument, not how rude or insulting a particular person may be!
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