Good rainfall rounds off 2014

06 Jan, 2015 06:45 AM
Given the stock water and soil moisture profile deficits, plenty more follow up rainfall is required

AFTER ‘average’ to ‘below average’ rainfall was recorded across most of eastern Australia during 2014, December brought some relief to many of the drought-stricken regions of Queensland and NSW.

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  • During December, most of Queensland received ‘above average’ to ‘very much above average’ rainfall, while the eastern half of NSW and Victoria measured similar volumes. Additionally, virtually the entire Northern Territory and northern Western Australia had ‘above average’ seasonal falls through December – encouraging, given it’s during the peak rainfall period.

    In contrast, southern WA and western Victoria were the only two key livestock producing regions to record ‘below average’ rainfall – albeit during a typically drier time of the year.

    For the majority of Queensland and northern NSW, the good December rainfall was indeed a start to an improvement in feed conditions, however, given the stock water and soil moisture profile deficits, plenty more follow up rainfall is required.

    Eastern states slaughter will be monitored closely over the coming weeks to see how greater impact the rainfall has had on producer turn-off intentions. Additionally, the rainfall over the saleyard closure period is likely to put cattle prices in particular in good stead to commence 2015.

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