Grain leaders wanted

04 Jan, 2016 05:29 AM
GrainGrowers grower engagement manager Michael Southan
GrainGrowers grower engagement manager Michael Southan

Nominations are now open for GrainGrowers' Australian Grain Farm Leaders Program.

The program is a national leadership opportunity designed specifically for young Australian grain farmers.

The program is open to farmers under 40 years of age and aims to develop young farmers' leadership skills, knowledge and potential.

Each year six producers from across Australia are selected to pursue a small project of their choice and to benefit from leadership mentoring and peer networking.

GrainGrowers grower engagement manager Michael Southan said the opportunity was an exciting one.

"The program is a diverse mix of individual, one-on-one and group efforts," he said.

“Participants meet face-to-face at least twice throughout the nine month program.

“This includes attending GrainGrowers flagship Innovation Generation Conference which in 2016 will be held in Perth.”

Nominees are required to submit a small on-farm project they would like to pursue as part of their development.

“In past years projects have focused on topics such as farm-funding models, succession planning, farmer health and safety and the coeistence of farming and mining,” Mr Southan said.

Applications close on Friday, January 29.


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Jock Munro
4/01/2016 10:20:20 AM

Another brain washing exercise where the young and the gullible will be told how clever they are and that the grain growing community is waiting to be led by them to the promised land!
5/01/2016 5:01:18 AM

What a joke, this is the former shareholders club of GrainCorp now trying to pass itself off as a grower advocacy and leadership group! I'd be fascinated to see the selection and subsequent "leadership mentoring" process in action. Try installing a proper representative structure and removing the cronyism at the top end of the clubhouse else wise you'll be just talking amongst yourselves


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The Minister of Ag can use WA's Gene Technology Act 2006 to manage GM & GM-free crops for market
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Time will judge if they can implement what growers are asking for. Not what a director
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