Gun importer shocked by ban

10 Aug, 2015 02:00 AM
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This ban will have the most impact on primary producers
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THE importer of the lever action shotgun banned by the Federal Government late last month, Robert Nioa, says he was "surprised" by the move.

The son-in-law of federal MP Bob Katter, Mr Nioa owns the Brisbane based Adler Hunting Arms Company which was expecting its first shipment of the Turkish made Adler A110 to arrive in late August.

The lever action shotgun features a smooth cycling action and a seven shot tube magazine.

The gun costs less than $800 and is available to anyone who holds a class A or B licence.

Critics, such as the Gun Control Lobby, argue the new design makes the gun easier to fire than older models and that it should only be available to those with the restricted Class C licence.

Late last month, the Federal Government moved to block imports of the Adler lever action (pictured below) while a review occurs on its classification, including who can own the firearm.

Mr Nioa has already sold over 7000 of the guns in Australia and said he was surprised given that design had been legal in Australia for more than 130 years.

He said no State Government or Federal Government department had expressed any concern to him about the importation of the firearm.

“Most surprising is that there has been no public safety issue related to Lever Action shotguns in Australia for the 130 years that they have been available,” he said.

“In terms of firearms readily available to licensed firearm owners in Australia, Lever action shotguns are the least popular category of firearm, have the shortest effective range (50 yards), one of the lowest magazine capacities and the longest reloading time.

“The gun is needed for feral pest control in rural areas. Primarily crop protection from birds and control of disease spread by wild pigs.”

Mr Nioa said there had been no consultation with farmers on the issue, licensed firearm owners or the Australian firearms industry and no government spokesman had been able to articulate a reason for the ban.

He said that he was aware that front line police were pressing governments for more resources to fight the illicit use of illegal firearms by criminals and “this might simply be a cheap way for governments to ignore the front line police and say they have done something”.

“It is much more convenient for government to write a letter to a farmer banning a tool of trade rather than provide the funding that is being requested by front line police,” he said.

Queensland Shooters Union president Graham Park said the ban was misguided and would not deliver the outcomes the government was seeking.

“This ban will have the most impact on primary producers, who already face significant delays and compliance issues in purchasing firearms for primary production purposes,” Mr Park said.

"Tying this ban to recent incidents of terrorism and other violence involving firearms, like the Lindt Cafe siege, shows how misguided this effort is, because they have been committed by non-licensed users with illegal firearms - this is where the government should be focusing.”

Penelope Arthur

Penelope Arthur

is a journalist for Queensland Country Life at Roma
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10/08/2015 5:00:21 AM

Yet again Abbott shoots himself in the foot , little Johny must have given him a call. The ban is totally idiotic its just a shotgun. Lever actions date back to the mid 1800s , why would you ban a lever action. There are thousands of other lever action rifles on the market that are far more potent than this shotgun yet there is no ban on them. This ban just goes to demonstrate how totally out of touch city pollies are, and how totally idiotic our gun laws are when we are banning shotguns for farmers for feral pigs. The feral pigs are the only ones who will be breathing a sigh of relief.
10/08/2015 7:50:37 AM

Mr Nioa is in the business of making profit by selling firearms - where is the other side of this story?
10/08/2015 9:57:14 AM

The ban is misguided and woefully misdirected. Its all about timing & political points, not solutions for problems. Martin Place & Port Arthur are often cited as reasons for this ban. Both those gunmen were deranged & deluded psychopaths, with no gun licence with guns bought illegal on the black market. Why target law abiding primary producers and recreational shooters who are licenced and obey the laws? They're fit and proper persons with genuine reasons approved for their firearms, not criminally insane. Not connection whatsoever, just an easy path to fool people.
10/08/2015 1:03:06 PM

City Politian's yet again out of touch with society. Time should be spent targeting criminals, not law abiding people. Cheap politics. Also there has been no reason given for the ban. If it is for terrorism concerns than I have no option but to laugh. Theres statistically a 0% chance of the Adler being used in terrorism. The preffered options is 1. Arsen 2. Explosives 3. Poison gas 4. Semi/fully automatics
10/08/2015 2:29:50 PM

I imagine a sawn-off one of these would be a bank robbbers dream. If primary producers can demonstrate a genuine need they can get a higher classified firearm. The major crime on farm is illegal hunters - and we don't need them coming on better armed.
10/08/2015 2:59:28 PM

It really proves how much of a police/ nanny state we have become when we are banning 18 century tech shotguns from farmers and sporting shooters. This ban serves no purpose what so ever, whats next ?
Hilda Hereford
10/08/2015 3:23:51 PM

My goodness, a lever action; this was the weapon of choice back in the cowboy and Indian days, do our politicians really think that this would be chosen by a terrorist whom can access a fully automatic pistol do rifle without much trouble at all. For some reason law abiding citizens are targeted by government while criminals get away with ------. I don't believe the nanny state we live in.
10/08/2015 3:57:07 PM

Do bank robbers use a permit to purchase Jacky ? Are they only allowed cat A an B firearms to rob banks ? I didn't know that.
Love the country
10/08/2015 6:11:28 PM

I wish some would live in the real world. What comes to my paper and tv everyday is that someone has been stabbed. More stabbings than anything, what's next, banning knifes .?
10/08/2015 6:13:08 PM

Jacky why would a bank robber have one of these sawn off any more than a double barrel gun? How many shots do bank robbers fire-apart from none that is?
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