Hale hopes to reap harvest

19 Nov, 2003 10:00 PM

PERTH boarding schools have had a long and rewarding relationship with rural communities, and this harvest one of them, Hale School, is looking to further the spirit of co-operation.

It is seeking contributions from its rural supporters to help fund the construction of a $9.5 million boarding house at the school.

The Hale School Boarding Appeal seeks donations from parents, old boys and other interested parties to help, and has a target of $1 million to be raised by March 31, 2004.

Wheatbelt families, who continue to provide an abundance of boarders, have a chance to make a unique contribution to the fund.

Hale School has registered as a graingrower with CBH and is asking for grain donations following harvest.

"We're saying to all old boys and all people associated with Hale, we're now an official grower, we've got this great new boarding house, when you go to the grain bin, think about Hale," appeal co-ordinator Alex Panarese said.

He said farmers having a particularly good year might choose to donate up to 50 tonnes of grain to Hale.

Other payment options might also appeal to country contributors.

"If you want to give us anything, cows, sheep, grain, we'd appreciate it," he said. "It's just another option to contribute to this fantastic new facility."

The building will cater for 172 students from years 9 to 12 when fully occupied in 2005.

It is Hale's biggest capital investment since it established its Wembley Downs campus and will offer unparalleled comfort and convenience for living and studying.

The great increase in space will provide increased privacy, facilities and technology and accommodate more supervisors and tutors.

Grain contributor cards are currently being circulated to the wheatbelt.


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