Having their cake and eating it too

31 Jul, 2012 12:00 PM
These irresistable cupcakes are part of the wide range of cakes, slices, pies and pizzas on offer at Cakes by Tasty Edibles.
These irresistable cupcakes are part of the wide range of cakes, slices, pies and pizzas on offer at Cakes by Tasty Edibles.

IN a small town in our south, mine workers are lining up to get what they call their "guilty little pleasure".

Now before your mind goes wandering, the little pleasure those workers are chasing comes in the form of a berry cheesecake slice.

It's one of the most popular homemade treats on offer at Cakes by Tasty Edibles, the mouth-watering business of husband and wife team Luke Butler and Shannon Fraser-Butler.

It's fair to say that there is not a lot going on in the once bustling streets of Greenbushes, but Shannon and Luke are determined to revive their town - one satisfied customer at a time.

The two chefs have worked in the area for years and built up quite a following, with Luke winning awards for his steak sandwich and Shannon being well-known for her delicious cakes.

They were working at the Bridgetown Hotel when they decided to pursue their dream of opening their own business, which in turn would allow them more time with their two children.

Living in Greenbushes, Luke and Shannon decided to give their sleepy town a lift and open their business there.

And so 18 months ago Cakes by Tasty Edibles began, starting out as a wholesale cake business but quickly growing to meet demand.

"I would describe our business as ever-evolving," Shannon said.

"It started out as a wholesale cake business with a little shopfront, then we got asked to do catering and pies for the local mine.

"Now we're making our own sourdough and breads and do a Friday night pizza night but we're also expanding, so in a few weeks we'll be opening a cafe.

"Our philosophy has always been that we'll serve good, seasonal, honest food that's value for money.

"We put love in our food because it's our passion."

The duo is also passionate about promoting Greenbushes and as such, they use as much local produce in their cooking as possible.

From the eggs through to the fruit and herbs, if it's in season and available locally, Luke and Shannon will endeavour to use it.

And they don't always have to work hard to source their products either, with many locals dropping off fruit to them to use.

"We get people dropping in with rhubarb so I'll whip up a rhubarb cake, then if I have extra I'll make jam," Shannon said.

"We just make use of what we get, we love this area and there are some really good producers who we think are worthy of promoting.

"There are no packet mixes here; everything is made from whole ingredients."

With the local mine having just expanded, many contractors are also now enjoying the treats on offer at Cakes by Tasty Edibles.

Shannon said it was no secret that many people from the mine loved their berry cheesecake slice and when one worker dubbed it his "guilty little pleasure", word spread like wildfire and soon the slice had a new unofficial title.

"Now they all come in asking for their guilty little pleasure, it's quite funny," Shannon said.

The slice is so popular, that it's also sold to two cafes in Bunbury as part of the wholesale business.

Luke and Shannon also supply pies and sausage rolls to Donnelly River and a range of cakes to a cafe in Bridgetown.

Despite being so busy, Shannon and Luke are still filled with ideas on how to further develop their business.

They will soon open their 35-seater cafe, which will be open during the day as well as for dinners on Friday and functions on Saturday, but Shannon would also like to host events celebrating local food and wine.

And they are now taking orders for their range of Christmas puddings and cakes.

"You can't stay still otherwise you'll die!" Shannon laughs.

"Greenbushes has some fantastic things to show off and we're proud to be bringing people into town.

"It's not all about us; it's about promoting the area."

While they knew people enjoyed their cooking before they started the business, Shannon admits that they were surprised how quickly things have taken off.

But she said it's been a ride they have thoroughly enjoyed, despite a few challenges.

"It's been a lot more full on than we expected and the shop has gone a lot better than we thought it would," she said.

"We've lived here for six years so people know us and know our food, so we get lots of requests for catering and different things.

"I think that is one of our keys to success, being adaptable is essential, especially in a small country town."

"It can be a challenge juggling kids, home and the business but it was harder before.

"What we really enjoy is meeting people that love our food and being able to bring that joy to people who really appreciate it."



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