Live export's bizzare letter

29 Nov, 2012 04:00 AM
This anti-live export message has been posted to livestock producers and livestock carriers.
This anti-live export message has been posted to livestock producers and livestock carriers.

THE live export debate has taken an ugly turn with individual producers now being targeted.

At least two producers so far have received a bizarre letter in the mail labelling live export as an "obscene industry".

Arriving in a handwritten, plain envelope, the letter contained a hand-drawn image of sheep with their throats cut and is claimed to be sent "on behalf of the thousands of helpless creatures sent off to be brutally slaughtered in callous and cruel societies".

The anonymous letter appeared to have a religious agenda and had been photocopied.

It was received by Mingenew cattle and sheep producers Paul and Kellie Starick, who also own a livestock transport company.

Ms Starick said it wasn't clear who sent the letter, with the only clue being the 6000 Perth postcode on the postage stamp on the envelope.

"It really didn't bother us too much, if people want to do a stupid thing like that then that's their choice," Ms Starick said.

"If they were expecting us to react then they would have been very disappointed.

"They are only damaging themselves."

Ms Starick said they may have been targeted due to their involvement in the livestock transport industry but didn't pay too much attention to it.

Keysbrook cattle producer Bruce Campbell said his 95-year-old mother also received the letter in her mail.

It was addressed to Ms Campbell and her late husband at their North Dandalup residence and was opened by Bruce.

He believed it was a gutless and cowardly act that seemed to personally target people by handwriting the address.

"The letter basically makes out that farmers are evil," Mr Campbell said.

"Sending something in the mail like that is pretty ordinary and in bad taste.

"We love our cattle and (seeing livestock being harmed) is the last thing we would want."

Both producers said they hadn't reported it to the police.

WA Police media department spokesperson Sergeant Gerry Cassidy said even though the letter was unpleasant, it wasn't threatening and an offence wasn't committed in sending it.

"It's unfortunately unpleasant and if people are worried, it's best to take it to their local police station to discuss it," Sergeant Cassidy said.

Pastoralists and Graziers Association media and communications director Sheldon Mumby said every time the live export debate flared up after incidences such as the ABC Four Corners episode, the organisation usually received up to 10 anti-live export emails a day.

He said PGA had received a similar letter to the Staricks and Campbells and said the best action was no action, despite this latest incident going a step further past industry groups and targeting individuals.

"It's just best not to engage with these sorts of people as there is no ability to have a rational debate," Mr Mumby said.

"These people haven't been appointed by the animals, they have been self-appointed and have no right to target those engaged with a legal and ethical trade."

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Rational farmers - thats a joke.
29/11/2012 8:19:25 AM, on Farm Weekly

Goodness, can never imagine that after reading the reports about the farmers throwing eggs, spitting, abusing, and near assaulting those attending a peaceful anti cruelty-live export rally 18.11.2012, that you could ever manage a rational debate. In fact by the looks of the farmers behaviour- you lot dont know what rational means.
29/11/2012 9:32:55 AM, on Farm Weekly

Once the nutters have god on their side there is no point talking to them & they are then dangerous .
29/11/2012 12:32:45 PM, on Farm Weekly

To be clear, it wasn't farmers who were throwing eggs, but other supporters of farmers. They were told to stop and the leader of the farmers rally apologised publicly to the anti live export people at the rally. Spitting? Abusing? Near assaulting (that's an interesting term)? Which reports were you reading? I saw a photo on Facebook of the most appalling sign directed at farmers and their families, so if that was rational, then there's no hope for the anti live export group either.
Real Deal
29/11/2012 2:16:17 PM, on Farm Weekly

2 THINGS should be painfully obvious here: 1. ANY Activist engaging in ANY irresponsible action or conducting themselves in ANY kind of less than professional manner will achieve nothing to improve animal welfare outcomes, and they are often detrimental to their cause and to those organisations and individuals working toward a realistic goal to do so. 2. ANY animal producer who HONESTLY believes that live export improves animal welfare outcomes has been quite seriously mislead by both exporters and their own industry bodies alike. That argument is a desperate plea to save face..
Real Deal
29/11/2012 3:46:00 PM, on Farm Weekly

Interesting that neither of the 2 recipients who allegedly received these letters contacted the police but both happen to know how to access the same journalist ?? Wonder why the WA Police Media Dept. just happened to have a prepared comment on the issue ?? Did anyone from rural wherever happen to pop into the post office while they were in Perth for their rally I wonder, or perhaps even one of the many members of the Perth community who you claim turned out to support your polite little egg throwing, under the bridge, vulgar outburst ?? The options are just endless aren't they.
A rational farmer
29/11/2012 4:52:20 PM, on Farm Weekly

Can you produce any evidence to back up the claims you make regarding what happened at that rally? Do you consider stepping onto a road in front of a truck rational? Or a sign saying F___ you, F___ your family, F___ live export as rational? Seems there is more irrationality coming from one side than the other. Try taking those blinkers off & you'll see things a lot more clearly.
29/11/2012 5:35:08 PM, on Farm Weekly

If your belief is that farmers are evil PLEASE stand by your statements and stop consuming any food immediately. Thank you.
X Ag Socialist
30/11/2012 11:42:16 AM, on Farm Weekly

Better still Craig . grow there own food .
30/11/2012 6:58:10 PM, on Farm Weekly

By "peaceful" you mean taking kids in front of trucks?? You are the irrational joke. Go comment on your own site...oh, thats right - your site doesn't allow comments!!!


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