Making animal data management precise

25 Sep, 2014 02:00 AM

HAVING the right weighing equipment or data collector is important but is only half the equation, says Gallagher’s business development manager for weighing and electronic identification systems, Mike Hemsley.

“Of course it’s valuable to collect the information but then what you do with it is just as significant,” he said.

“Having software that can record information on individual animals or groups of animals, and then be easily retrievable, makes animal management that much easier and far more precise.”

He said every model of Gallagher’s weighing and data-collection equipment came standard with Animal Performance Systems software (APS) already loaded.

Weigh scales and the HR series of EID readers come with APS Standard, while the TSi comes with APS Professional.

“Both versions use the same database; APS Professional just allows farmers to do even more in terms of reports, pedigrees, and so on,” Mr Hemsley said.

“You don’t need to go out and buy another bit of software, there’s no third party systems, you don’t need to set up a spreadsheet or create a new database ... the equipment is already set to go.

“Open the box and you’re ready. And because the APS software keeps the database on your computer, you can easily add data to it.

“When you want to look at animals, in mobs or singularly, and analyse data you’ve collected to make some decisions, with APS it’s all there.

“You don’t need to then go and download the data you’ve collected into an Excel file or workbook. Neither do you need to match up tag numbers across different spreadsheets.

“Single animal and mob data is very easy to find, and very easy to read. And APS crunches the numbers for you; you don’t need to manually do it, or set up formulas or virtual look-up tables in a spreadsheet.

“Naturally when you’re weighing animals you can see the weight, but even on our simplest weighing equipment and EID indicators, because they have APS, you can see that animal’s history on screen.

“Just go into the APS software, double click on the animal, and there are not only all of its weights but overall daily gain and average daily gain. You don’t need to write anything down on pieces of paper in the yards, and don’t have to stop what you’re doing and duck back to the office to find the record book.”

NLIS Exchange was an addon to APS and freely downloadable from Gallagher’s website.

“Using any piece of Gallagher recording equipment, you simply put in your NLIS logon username and password, choose the animals you want, choose what you want to do – say transfer – then press a button and that data is automatically sent off to the NLIS database. It’s that simple.”


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