Man in the middle on climate, GM

09 Oct, 2014 02:00 AM
Dr Patrick Moore.
Virtually all climate change is natural and mankind’s contribution is minimal
Dr Patrick Moore.

GREENPEACE co-founder Patrick Moore will visit Australia later this month for a “climate change information tour” and to ventilate his views supporting the science underpinning genetically modified (GM) crops.

The tour is being organised by the Galileo Movement which helped arrange Lord Monckton’s controversial visit to Australia in 2010 to question popular views on climate change science.

One of tour’s prime organisers, Case Smit, said Dr Moore’s visit would target people in the middle ground of both the climate change and GM debates who were pragmatic and prepared to listen to alternative arguments.

“Rather than lecturing to the “converted”, the principal purpose of this visit is for Dr Moore to meet with leaders in the media, politics and business to convey a rational environmentalist’s views on why policies instituted because of the “catastrophic climate change” scare need to be realistically addressed,” he said.

Dr Moore is scheduled to hold a series of public and private meetings in capital cities throughout Australia, including a visit to Canberra in late October.

The tour organisers have already contacted leading federal politicians to arrange private meetings with Dr Moore.

In an email to several politicians, Mr Smit said Dr Moore was a Greenpeace founder and director for about 15 years before becoming disenchanted with the organisation he’d helped to build, because of the “extreme political views Greenpeace was espousing”.

“He is still a dedicated environmentalist but adheres to the original aim of the organisation which was humanitarian; he now describes himself as a ‘sensible environmentalist’,” Mr Smit wrote.

“The aim of this visit is for Australian opinion leaders to hear Patrick’s reasons for not subscribing to the fear of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.”

The tour organisers have offered Dr Moore to meet with Prime Minister Tony Abbott during his time in Canberra.

Climate change is 'natural'

Mr Smit said Australia was the first country to impose an economy-damaging tax on carbon dioxide emissions which the current government has now repealed.

But he said the government still believes the public wants to see action on climate change, “so it continues with policies requiring billions of dollars to be spent to stabilise the global climate”.

“Those opinion leaders that Patrick meets with will realise, as Patrick has done himself, that virtually all climate change is natural and that mankind’s contribution is minimal; they will then be able to convey this to the public,” he said in a public appeal to assist with tour funding.

“Patrick’s visit will affect the future climate change policies of our government and present an example to the world.”

Climate change information tour

Speaking to Fairfax Media, Mr Smit said the tour would also try and explain the “shortcomings” of climate change science, distributed in “mainstream media”.

“Dr Moore wants this to be a climate change information tour but he will also discuss GM technology and answer any questions, if he’s asked about it,” he said.

Mr Smit said he was unable to disclose the financial fee that Dr Moore had charged for the tour.

But he said his group had been receiving donations from all over Australia and one individual donation of $5000 from Chicago in the US, to help cover tour costs.

Dr Moore is scheduled to arrive on October 19 and stay in Australia until early November, with public meetings in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth Brisbane and Noosa.

Mr Smit said he didn’t expect the Greens would want to meet with Dr Moore at any stage during the tour.

“The Greens are so entrenched with their views on climate change they probably hate Patrick Moore,” he said.

“We want him to meet or speak to people who are not totally blinded by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and its views on global warming and de-carbonising the economy, which effectively means shutting it down.”

Mr Smit said no approach had been yet made for Dr Moore to meet with Palmer United Party (PUP) leader and Queensland federal MP Clive Palmer while in Canberra.

Mr Palmer stood alongside former US Vice President and climate change champion Al Gore to announce in June that he would vote with the Coalition to repeal the carbon tax - but also retained some of its key features, including an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) with a zero-rated carbon price.

Mr Smit said Mr Palmer was a “coal baron” who should be against the “whole global warming scam” and would benefit from meeting Dr Moore and listening to his arguments.

GM support

Dr Moore has continued to criticise Greenpeace’s anti-science opposition to GM cropping technology and potential health and humanitarian benefits, such as golden rice.

“If vitamin A deficiency was a disease, and golden rice was the cure, it would have been introduced years ago,” Dr Moore was quoted as saying in an online article in January this year.

“And for Greenpeace to continue to oppose it is a crime against humanity, which is defined as to knowingly contribute to the suffering and death of the civilian population.

“Their opposition has resulted in delays and now they are supporting the tearing up of field trials, causing further delays.

“This has resulted in a delay in the introduction of the rice, so whatever way you want to put it, they are culpable in the deaths of millions of children.”

Colin Bettles

Colin Bettles

is the national political writer for Fairfax Agricultural Media
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9/10/2014 3:35:08 AM

FYI - Patrick Moore is NOT a co-founder of Greenpeace. While an early joiner and an important member and leader during the early years, he joined the organization well after its founding. As a paid industry spokesman, he makes his living off his past Greenpeace credentials. Well paid by the oil, agri-business and other industries, he distorts his past and has no environmental credibility.
Patrick Moore
9/10/2014 8:56:32 AM

Not sure who this Peter is but he forgets or never knew his history. Here is a link to an archived Greenpeace website in early 2007, before they removed my name as a founder of Greenpeace: They are historical revisionists of the first order. They did this because I came out in support of nuclear energy. Do come out to see my presentation. It represent 45 years of study, beginning with a PhD in Ecology. I am not "sold out" to anyone. I am a free thinker not to be told what to think by ideologues.
Bill Pounder
9/10/2014 11:07:24 AM

"Not sure who this Peter is but.." Typical of Greens/left central, short on relevant facts & disappears under a rock after falling at the first hurdle. So who are we Pete or is anonymous carping your forte?
9/10/2014 11:53:37 AM

Dr Moore GM rice etc is not about helping the poor - it is about Monsanto etc controlling the seeds of the world and having all farmers at their mercy - if the rice varieties etc that have been used for how many years were no good they would have shelved - I would have thought you could get vitamin A much cheaper from sweet potatoes carrots kale & other dark green vegetables, melons, apricots, tuna, tropical fruits, red peppers etc
Frank Blunt
9/10/2014 12:23:22 PM

Admit it Nico , Bushie , BG , Elizabeth , Victor , Phillip , fridgimus , argis , holisticmick , Em and the rest of the ideological koolaid drinking catastrophe obsessed anthropogenic climate change gang your antiscience religion is officially dead.
9/10/2014 12:37:31 PM

Hey Frank, don't lump me in with the global warmist nutters please?
Albert Einstein
9/10/2014 12:46:44 PM

Well said Frank but I would not hold your breath waiting for the real climate denialists to admit that their CAGW climate change belief system is a fantasy based on lies and fraud.
Frank Blunt
9/10/2014 1:08:36 PM

My apologies Argis I don't know how your name ended up in that list. I did forget Michael B and he can join the list.
9/10/2014 2:21:19 PM

That is alright Frank B. The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.
Bushie Bill
9/10/2014 2:49:01 PM

I know who I am, Billy Bunter. How come you don't know who you are and where did the royal "we" come from?
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