Newman gives cheers to malt opportunities

18 Jul, 2017 04:00 AM
CBH chairman Wally Newman takes time out from a tour of the new Intermalt facility in the southern Vietnamese province of Ba Ria Vung last Wednesday.
CBH chairman Wally Newman takes time out from a tour of the new Intermalt facility in the southern Vietnamese province of Ba Ria Vung last Wednesday.

CBH Group chairman Wally Newman paid tribute to the founding partners of the Interflour concept when he attended the opening of the Intermalt processing facility in Vietnam last Wednesday.

Mr Newman said the investment in Interflour 12 years ago was ground-breaking and the opening of the world-class facility signified a new phase of growth for the business as it moved into barley processing and expanded across South East Asia.

“As chairman of CBH I am honoured to be speaking on behalf of CBH and our investment partners in Interflour,” Mr Newman said.

He said many WA growers were concerned about the dry growing season conditions that were presenting real challenges.

“These challenges serve as a pertinent reason as to why CBH and the Salim Group invested in Interflour 12 years ago,’’ he said.

“It’s a reminder why CBH is committed to investments along the grain supply chain, so that additional value can be captured and returned to the current and future growers, which certainly assists in years of low production.

“In line with this commitment, our involvement in downstream grain processing through Interflour has allowed us to diversify our income stream which has resulted in new demand for our growers’ grain production.”

Mr Newman said not only was the infrastructure impressive but so too the growth and opportunities it would create for CBH, its investors and growers.

“The opening marks a new phase of growth for Interflour as it continues its expansion across South East Asia in a challenging new chapter for WA grain growers who will now enter into the region’s fast-growing beer market.

“The long-term benefits will come in many years, including growers who will become suppliers of malt barley to this facility.”

Mr Newman said last harvest WA growers delivered more than 1.5 million tonnes of malt barley into the CBH receival network.

He said in the future much of that barley could be heading to the new Intermalt facility.

“CBH Group growers can look forward to this new venture that will generate value which can then be returned through our investment rebate scheme to lower growers’ costs,” he said.

Mr Newman said he was delighted that more than 40 WA grain growers were able to go on a study tour to Vietnam last week so they could see first-hand the opportunities available to them.



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