NSW gone feral on foxes

08 Dec, 2014 07:31 AM
The pest control order will allow for additional options for co-ordinated control

THE NSW Government now sees foxes in the same light as wild dogs and feral pigs, today officially declaring the introduced species a pest.

The European Red Fox Pest Control Order 2014 empowers Local Land Services to issue eradication orders to individual landholders for foxes on their land and prohibits foxes being kept in captivity or released into the wild.

Primary Industries Minister Katrina Hodgkison said the new control order brings NSW into line with regulations in all other States and bolsters the arsenal of management tools.

“With the total annual cost of foxes to Australia’s environment and economy estimated to be $227.5 million, the pest control order will assist in the co-ordination of successful community-wide fox control programs,” she said.

“The pest control order will allow for additional options for co-ordinated control, meaning Local Land Services (LLS) can more effectively target foxes in localised campaigns.

“It also means no newly acquired foxes will be allowed to be kept in captivity… foxes are not companion animals – this pest control order sends the clear message that they are pests, not pets.”

According to the Department of Primary Industries, foxes take just two to six weeks to repopulate areas that have undergone control measures such as baiting.

Failure to comply with a control order could result in a $8500 fine, while failure to register an existing pet fox could cost $3400.

People currently keeping foxes in captivity are now required to apply for a permit from LLS.

For more information visit the Department of Primary Industries

Mike Foley

Mike Foley

is a senior journalist for The Land
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John NIven
8/12/2014 11:36:23 AM, on The Land

Just the thing we needed, watch the foxes cringe in fear.
Frank Blunt
9/12/2014 6:10:58 AM, on The Land

204 heavy barrel Ruger, hits them out to 500 metres on a calm day.
9/12/2014 6:08:05 PM, on The Land

Gee Frank, that's an incredibly mature method of fox eradication. Why not reduce your range to ensure a humane dispatch, not just a hit?
10/12/2014 5:20:16 AM, on The Land

It takes 200 years or more to get to this point! I know government is slow but this shows what farmers are against with officialdom. Small fines though, its $44,000 in Qld for keeping a rabbit, strange that Baird isn't trying to bolster the states coffers here. Watch out as the animal rights groups come out now wanting rights for foxes.
Frank Blunt
10/12/2014 5:59:42 AM, on The Land

if I can see them I can hit them, who cares if I miss a few shots.
10/03/2015 9:02:25 AM, on The Land

Good to see the govt is moving quick on this problem.


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