Pork's star on the rise

27 Feb, 2012 01:00 AM

LINLEY Valley Pork product development and sales manager John Thompson said that as far as the brand goes, the Linley Valley label was going from strength to strength.

"In general I think consumers are a lot more confident in pork as a protein option than they have ever been," he said.

"The consistency of the product we have been producing is getting better and better and we have been doing a lot of work with restaurants and chefs in promoting ideas and cooking methods with pork."

The Linley Valley label is now regarded as a product very much synonymous with quality and high end Perth restaurants such as Jacksons in Mt Lawley, Beluga in Claremont, Incontro in South Perth and Clarkes at North Beach, have picked up the brand for their menus.

With the Craig Mostyn Group selling their pork to wholesalers among other retailing outlets, John has found that the Linley Valley name has flowed right through the supply chain with wholesalers and distributors eager to use the brand as a 'premium' product.

"I have spent a lot of time with chefs recently and we have come up with some really great ideas which help buyers with recipe ideas as well as a bit of education on choosing the best cuts suited for certain methods of cooking," John said.

"With programs like Masterchef and the increased awareness of how food is produced there is a very big focus on quality right now so we are in the perfect position to really make the most of it and try and promote our product as best we can.

"Right now we really have a 'new age' pork product which eliminates the old beliefs that pork needed to be massively over cooked and with the work we have done on recipe ideas and cooking techniques pork is becoming an increasingly more popular and often more economical choice."

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Porky Pete
27/02/2012 1:03:55 PM, on Farm Weekly

While programs like Masterchef frankly BOAR(ed) me to tears, John Thompson is probably right in that such programs have helped bring people's attention back to what really counts -- quality, fresh ingredients, as per the yummy WA grown Linley Valley Fresh Pork. Not sure I fancy the term new age, but agree with John that ages ago pork was over-cooked due to a false belief that all sorts of ugly things needed to be killed with extreme heat. Now the great danger of over-cooking juicy Linley Valley Pork is that it won't be as moist, so don't leyt anyone convince you pork has to be overdone.


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