Rusty's rain welcomed

08 Mar, 2013 01:00 AM

STATION owners in the north of WA have welcomed the downpour that came with last week's Cyclone Rusty.

The cyclone system brought with it high levels of rainfall and extreme winds to much of the area with varying degrees of severity reported across the area.

Scott Mills, Warrawagine Station, estimated the Marble Bar property had received 215mm of rainfall.

Mr Mills was pleased with the amount of rain and said he did not receive any significant damage to his property.

"This rain will set us up for the season as it had been dry until now," said Mr Mills.

"It was gentle rain with little run off and that has meant our rivers and waterholes are full which is positive.

"If we didn't get that rain for another two months it could have been tight."

Mr Mills said January and February were typical rainfall months for the area and cyclone activity was not uncommon but Rusty had delivered much more precipitation than expected.

"What we got was what we needed and the subsoil moisture will be perfect for feed, this is the best rainfall we have seen in a while," he said.

Anna Plains station manager David Stoate said his property, located south of Broome, had received 276mm across five days.

"We were very happy with the outcome and we received limited damage, this will really set us up," he said.

Mr Stoate said the station had received 65 per cent of its average rainfall for the season and had adequate feed but the rain that came with Cyclone Rusty meant the station would continue to prosper.



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