Students join the Innovation Day team

22 Apr, 2017 04:00 AM
Western Dairy scholarship recipient Laura Senge.
Western Dairy scholarship recipient Laura Senge.

WESTERN Dairy is currently sponsoring two Murdoch University students with scholarships to support their study efforts, with both scholarship recipients set to be taking an active part in this year’s Dairy Innovation Day, on May 4.

Liz Cork, currently in her fourth year of Veterinary Medicine, has received Western Dairy and Dairy Australia support to look at the sensitivity of mastitis pathogens from cases of clinical and subclinical mastitis on several WA dairy farms.

Her project will also evaluate the use of some on-farm devices for the mastitis diagnosis including the RT10 – Platinum Somatic Cell Counter, 3M-Petrifilm and Draminski Four-cup

(somatic cell counter).

Laura Senge, an environmental science honours student, is working on innovative effluent design systems for dairy farms – a great fit with the industry’s DairyCare project that is helping WA dairy farmers to improve their effluent management systems.

Western Dairy’s Esther Jones said the university relationships were highly valued by Western Dairy.

“We really value the opportunities those relationships provide in order to develop young professionals who can make a contribution to the production efficiencies of the WA dairy industry,” Ms Jones said.

“Both Liz and Laura will be on our event registration desk and actively participating in the day’s program.

“They each have a great passion for their study in dairy and we are working hard to show them a quality career-path in their respective areas of expertise within this industry.”



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