Trenorden heads ticket

30 Nov, 2012 11:10 AM

A MEETING held in Narembeen on Thursday, November 22 attended by a number of agriculture region residents to discuss issues of concern to the region and to the state have agreed to progress these concerns by political means.

The group unanimously endorsed the proposal to provide an independent ticket to contest the March 2013 election in the Agricultural Region in the Upper House.

The group approached MLC Max Trenorden to head the ticket and were delighted with Mr Trenorden’s agreement to head the ticket.

“I have been approached personally, as has my office, to stand as an independent in the Wheatbelt by so many constituents within the electorate however I had reserved my decision,” Mr Trenorden said.

“The request put to me by the group indicating the support they had for an independent ticket was overwhelming.

“Their issues which included Tier 3 Rail, the state of agriculture, mental health, plus health in general, education, Muresk and local government were issues which my colleague Philip Gardiner MLC and I have worked continuously over the past three and a half years to provide an outcome.

“The energy coupled with the desperation of the group to have members of parliament who would not only listen to their issues but act has spurred me to accept their offer to head the ticket.”

Mr Trenorden said the quality of the people whom the group would approach to join the ticket made it an honour and a privilege to be offered the number one position.

He added he would continue to support Royalties for Regions and the Southern Inland Health Initiative.

The group intend to provide an alternative ticket of between four and six to the electorate to contest for the Upper House in the next State election.

This should be finalised within the next 14 days.

The group will then consider other political alternatives.

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1/12/2012 8:05:43 AM, on Farm Weekly

Tier 3, Muresk ( Tertiary Ag Ed), Country roads, Foreign investment issues-If Trenordans group promise to address these the Nationals are dead in the water


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