WA food production to gain from hungry world

31 Mar, 2011 04:00 AM

WESTERN Australia’s agriculture and food sector is well positioned to tap into growing world demand for food, Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman today told a food security forum.

“Growing and diversifying demand for food presents great opportunity for the WA agrifood industry, but this is not without its challenges,” Mr Redman told the Committee for Economic Development of Australia forum in Perth.

“Businesses along the supply chain will need to be focused on delivering what the market wants while driving supply chain efficiencies and pursuing productivity improvements on-farm.”

It is estimated that world food production will need to double by 2050 to feed a bigger population.

WA is a significant producer of high-quality food and fibre, exporting more than 80 per cent of production.

“We have a modern and well-informed sector, we remain free from many agricultural pests and diseases, and we are a trusted supplier of food,” the Minister said.

“It is critical that innovation continues throughout supply chains in the WA agrifood sector if we are going to contribute to feeding, clothing and housing a growing world population.

“This Government is working hard to build capacity of the sector, partnering industry to open and expand markets, and sustainably manage our important natural resource base.”

The forum focused on the future for agriculture and food, rural employment, food security and the environment.

Mr Redman said the local market remained highly important to industry.

“The State Government continues to work with local businesses to create and sustain local markets, with the highly successful Buy West Eat Best program just one example of this,” he said.

Government of Western Australia


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