Wagin Electorate

15 Feb, 2013 01:00 AM
Wagin electorate.
Wagin electorate.

The seat of Wagin is arguably the safest in the State.

Nationals' member Terry 'Tuck' Waldron has held the seat since 2001 and looks virtually certain to retain his position.

At the last election Mr Waldron won with a margin of 27.1 per cent, but following the redistribution that lead extended to 28.4pc, meaning it should be a clear win for the incumbent.

But it may not all be smooth sailing for the popular Sport and Recreation Minister as he faces tough questions over land clearing laws and Tier 3 rail lines.

Both issues were around at the last election and some farmers are fed up with the lack of action by Mr Waldron and the Nationals.

But with the redistribution removing Brookton, Corrigin and Kondinin shires to the Central Wheatbelt, the issue of Tier 3 may have less of an effect on Mr Waldron's electorate.

The seat of Wagin picked up Plantagenet and Cranbrook shires from the former seat of Blackwood-Stirling.

While the issue of land clearing may sway some voters towards the Liberal Party - based on the lack of action - most voters will predictably stay with Mr Waldron.

Liberal candidate and fourth generation farmer Phillip Blight appears to be Mr Waldron's main competition but even that seems a long shot with Mr Waldron receiving 63pc of the vote in 2008.

Mr Blight has been on the Wagin Shire Council from 1992 to 2011, retiring as shire president, so it would be expected he may pick up some local votes.

While Labor candidate Josh Stokes is the mystery man in the seat, Labor has never polled well in the past and that doesn't look like changing.

The Greens have also endorsed Shirley Collins as its candidate for the seat who is a strong campaigner against GM agriculture.

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