Wagin: Phillip Blight

15 Feb, 2013 01:00 AM
Liberal candidate for the seat of Wagin, Phillip Blight.
Liberal candidate for the seat of Wagin, Phillip Blight.

Liberal candidate for Wagin

Phillip Blight

p Land management

Land management is a complex issue, and some of the individual instances we've seen of farmers being prosecuted for responsibly managing their own land have been most regrettable.

I think there is a need for some reform in this area, so that we strike a fairer balance between environmental protection and the right of farmers to manage land that they own in a manner they see fit.

Generally speaking, we need to ensure more local control, so that the activities of local famers aren't being wholly driven by bureaucrats in Perth.

The best way for local farmers to help make this happen is by having a Liberal representative locally, who has direct access to the Premier and other decision makers and who can put their views forcefully.

p Tier 3 rail

One of the reasons I want to represent our region is because we need someone who will put the case and who will fight hard.

My involvement with local government means I understand the importance of maintaining safe local roads - and the more grain we keep on rail, the safer our roads will be.

The Liberal team will work with all parties to facilitate an arrangement to keep Tier 3 lines operational and I want to be central to that happening.

The best way to do that is as the Liberal State Member of Parliament for Wagin, so that I can make sure the views of local residents are being put directly to Ministers making the decisions.

p Shire amalgamation

I have been involved with local government for many years, as a councillor and as a shire president.

I believe local government is at its best when it is closest to the people it serves. Amalgamation would run contrary to that goal.

While I understand there is always room for improvement in the way local government does things, I don't believe amalgamation is the answer for regional communities and I would not like to see it happen.

That's why I'm pleased the Premier has ruled out forced amalgamations for regional councils.

p New infrastructure

I'm passionate about attracting new infrastructure, investment and industry to our region. Now is not the time to simply give up - now is the time to fight even harder for our fair share.

The main reason I'm running as the Liberal candidate at this election is because we need a stronger, more energetic voice representing our community than we've had.

Wagin has many attractions for people looking to start businesses and create jobs but those benefits need to be better sold to those making the investment.

p Labor candidate Josh Stokes was contacted repeatedly by Farm Weekly and did not respond.



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