Wagin: Terry Waldron

15 Feb, 2013 01:00 AM
Nationals WA candidate for Wagin, Terry Waldron.
Nationals WA candidate for Wagin, Terry Waldron.

Nationals WA, Terry Waldron

p Land clearing

I understand the concerns of landowners on this issue. There has been some discussion about a review into current land clearing regulations, which would be a good step forward to ensure farmers manage their own land, while balancing land management and environmental conservation.

p Tier 3 rail

The Nationals' support the retention of grain on rail and we are the only political party with a clear and responsible plan on the future of Tier 3 rail. Our plan, released at the end of last year, calls for an independent review into the Tier 3 rail network to confirm the funding required, assess the complex circumstances surrounding the current lease arrangement and test the business models put forward by industry.

We will ensure all lines currently in use remain open and maintained until we have the outcome of the review and know how much funding is required to repair the network.

Our recently released Agricultural Policy, which we will implement should we win the balance of power, includes a $75 million infrastructure fund that can be used to undertake the review and secure the future of the freight network.

p Local government amalgamations

The Nationals WA do not support forced amalgamations of local government and our position on this has been clear for many years. It's vital that regional communities can retain their local decision-making powers and local identities. We support local governments if they decide to partner with other Shires to better deliver services, but we do not and will not support compulsory amalgamations.

p Super Towns

Narrogin and Wagin have a bright future. I don't think it's correct to say that health and education facilities are being taken from these towns. SuperTowns is not about picking one town to grow at the expense of others.

It is about supporting the entire region by making sure towns that have strong potential for growth, as Katanning does, with the new saleyards project, have the services and infrastructure they need to support population growth.

Narrogin and Wagin have long been important regional centres and SuperTowns does not change that.



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