Warren-Blackwood: Ray Colyer

21 Feb, 2013 11:45 AM
Liberal candidate for Warren-Blackwood, Ray Colyer.
Liberal candidate for Warren-Blackwood, Ray Colyer.

Liberal candidate for Warren-Blackwood, Ray Colyer

p GM technology

I acknowledge both the grower and consumer concerns about the impact GM foods could have on our local fresh products.

People in our region are rightly proud of our local produce and its quality is renowned all around Australia.

I think our first responsibility is to protect that quality, which is why I generally adopt a cautionary approach toward GM foods.

There are diverse opinions on this subject, both among farmers and in the wider community.

I think it's important in this debate to keep focussed on the scientific facts and not get caught up in scare campaigns.

Ultimately, the consumer market will decide if GM food is acceptable.

p Regional roads

I support continued government investment for major roads that service our region. The Barnett Government has a proud record on regional roads.

Under the Liberals, Royalties for Regions is here to stay - and one of our priorities for using the money will be to invest in regional roads, to improve their safety and efficiency. Only the Liberal Party is committed to doing this.

The Liberals are committing more than $44 million to improving the safety of roads throughout the South West.

As part of Colin Barnett's team, I'll have the ear of decision makers and will be a tireless advocate in ensuring our local community gets its fair share.

p Agri-Food Precinct

I support the concept of the South West Agri-Food Precinct.

We need to approach this sensibly, with involvement from both the State Government, local councils and the private sector. This concept will only work if it is a genuine partnership.

Again, one of the Liberals' priorities for Royalties for Regions is to invest money to establish and strengthen non-mining industries in our regions.

Investment in our local agricultural industy is a key priority for me.

Of course, for this sort of project to be truly effective, we will need better regional infrastructure.

That's why a project like the Bunbury-Albany gas pipeline is so crucial - to attract investment and reduce costs for local producers.

Only the Liberals are committed to constructing the pipeline by 2015.

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3/03/2013 9:53:46 PM, on Farm Weekly

Hey Ray, Your line on GM is weak, anti-liberal and opportunistic. As President of the Northam liberal branch and the one who wrote the GM policy document for the liberals with Garry Snook, I am a little disappointed. We have been eating modified genes forever - they are a fact of life. We need frost tolerance in wheat ASAP, appeasing the greens who are anti-science is repulsive. I would vote for Terry if in your electorate, he is more a liberal on this issue.
David Rastrick
30/06/2013 7:52:02 PM, on Farm Weekly

Hi Ray, I support your cautionary approach to GM technology, Gene modification is in fact very different from the time honoured practice of selective breeding. I believe that adhering to the precautionary principal and requiring rigorous independent scientific testing before the release of any new technologies affecting our food and health is indeed the responsible approach. Thank-you.


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