Weather extremes ring in new year

31 Dec, 2014 07:00 AM
At midnight, the world's hottest place should be Paraburdoo in WA's Pilbara, at about 33 degrees

WHEN the clock strikes 2015 the hottest place in the world, in Australia, will be 80 degrees hotter than the coldest place in the world, in Siberia.

On New Year's Eve a large heat low will ensure much of Australia is warm and northwestern Australia is very warm while a strong high pressure system keeps Siberia frigid.

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  • At midnight, the world's hottest place should be Paraburdoo in Western Australia's Pilbara, at about 33 degrees. However, it should feel hottest in Broome, in the WA Kimberley, where high humidity will make it feel like 36 degrees, hot and sticky enough for some to strip down to their singlets. In contrast, when residents of Oymyakon in Russia's northeast Siberia count down the clock it will be minus 42 degrees, keeping them wrapped up in their reindeer coats.

    Australia's coldest place should be Tasmania's Mount Read, only 6 degrees with wind chill making it feel like 2 degrees, still worthy of a few layers.

    The nation's windiest place should be Maatsuyker Island south of Tasmania where northwesterlies will be blowing at about 60 kilometres an hour, gusting about 80km/h due to an approaching cold front.

    Our wettest place should be in the Lajamanu area in the Northern Territory due to heavy showers and storms. Parts of the NT will also be the cloudiest in the country with almost no clear sky in place, including McArthur River.

    Amongst the capitals Darwin will be the wettest and warmest (28 degrees), Canberra the coolest (15 degrees), Perth the windiest (20-30km/h winds) and Adelaide and Melbourne the calmest (7-10km/h winds).

    On New Year's Day when many are still celebrating and/or in recovery, Australia's sunniest place with 13 hours of sunshine should be Perth; the cloudiest with only four hours of sunshine should be Hamilton island; the windiest with 100km/h gusts, Maatsuyker Island: the calmest with only 10-20km/h winds, Hay in the New South Wales' Riverina; the coldest with a maximum of only nine degrees, Mt Read and the hottest with 44-degree heat should be Wiluna in the WA Goldfields.

    Meanwhile, back in Siberia, Oymyakon will be warming up to minus 36 degrees, still cold enough to tuck into some reindeer soup. This is also still 80 degrees colder than Wiluna and the Namib Desert in southern Africa.

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    1/01/2015 1:22:01 PM

    pfffff the world has been having weather extremes for billions of years. The current ones are nothing unusual or extreme. Which fool thought it was all supposed to be perfect and comfortable?


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