Make your vote count at Australian Wool Innovation elections

01 Nov, 2017 02:13 PM

DEAR woolgrowers. In coming day’s you will be receiving your Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) voting papers.

At this important time in the industry’s future I ask for your support in the continuation of stable governance at the AWI board.

For the largest majority of growers, we need mulesing to be protected for the best welfare outcomes for our sheep, as research work continues for an effective and viable alternative.

As an industry, we are all prospering from the investment the AWI board took some nine years ago with a measured and highly-successful marketing campaign that has seen Merino wool gain worldwide recognition.

The Eastern Market Indicator has seen a rise in this period from some 700 cents, to above 1560c currently.

The current AWI board is representing all grower interests by implementing measures to drive the highest return for our Merino product all the way up the supply chain, from successful on-farm shearer and shed-hand training, Lifetime Ewe workshops, the revolutionary introduction of the Wool Exchange Portal and to the continuation of a highly successful marketing program involving more than 500 leading brands such as Adidas and Nike

In recent months we have seen a continual parade of anti-AWI media reports, including claims that the board is not investing in genetics programs, which is totally unfounded with the AWI operating plan, 2017/18 showing $1.8 million budgeted, with 80 per cent directed towards objectively measured genetic programs.

In consideration of this I ask you to support the recommendations of the Independent Advisory Panel to the AWI board, that has recommended the following candidates William Wilson, Colette Garnsey and James Morgan.

They all strongly advocate the protection of mulesing while a continuation of researching alternatives is explored.

Election of an inland wool broker to the woolgrowers board would certainly provide conflict of interest and may jeopardise the cost reductions the wool portal offers.

Please do not allow unbalanced media views on current matters to distract from the fact that the inclusion of Mr Wilson and the return of Ms Garnsey and Mr Morgan will compile arguably the highest-skilled board of directors ever assembled at AWI, capable of leading us into the next decade of prosperity.



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3/11/2017 12:06:17 PM, on Farm Weekly

thanks for the article. it confirms, sadly that the biggest problem with our wool industry is AWI! mulesing went out with the ark, and so should this idea that we need it. get into this century guys. breed sheep like the rest of us that are plain bodied, and LOOK AFTER YOUR SHEEP. you all sounds like bad farmers to me, and you will NOT get my vote


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