Nats could walk, says Joyce

06 Feb, 2015 12:15 PM
Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.
If a different person is walking down the aisle towards us, don't think the wedding is still on
Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.

AGRICULTURE Minister Barnaby Joyce has warned the Nationals may walk away from the Coalition in the wake of an upcoming spill on Tuesday.

News of the spill broke on Friday when Western Australian Liberal MP Luke Simpkins confirmed he will seek a leadership spill against Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

"What I say to my colleagues in the Liberal party is this: we didn't want this. We gave you fair warning," Mr Joyce told The Northern Daily Leader.

"Do not consider that the National party support is without question."

"If all of a sudden a different person is walking down the aisle towards us, don't necessarily think the wedding is still on."

Mr Joyce called for the Liberal party to restore stability and said the leadership sideshow was distracting from important issues in regional areas.

"We do not condone chaos - that's what the Australian people voted against at the last election."

"This airing of public laundry is more of a sordid soap. It's intriguing and exciting but it is not endearing."

"I'm extremely disappointed that this process is now afoot."

"The Australian people deserve respect by having people act in a diligent and dignified way."

"We will be thinking of our constituents in regional areas and the nation."

The announcement of the spill follows rampant speculation about a leadership challenge that escalated after the Prime Minister knighted Prince Philip as part of the Australia Day honours.

When questioned whether Mr Joyce was still willing to bet his Tamworth house on Mr Abbott leading the Coalition to the next election, Mr Joyce demurred and said his initial bet was the public would not be speaking about Prince Philip at the next election, and it was ABC 7.30's Leigh Sales who had upped the stakes.

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6/02/2015 12:51:41 PM

I have missed Barnaby Joyce. Someone who speaks common sense and says it like it is. Canberra needs more people like him.
Hilda Hereford
6/02/2015 12:58:29 PM

Barnaby for PM, then we might get an Agriculture Minister that will actually do something about the demise of Agriculture. I pick Scott Morrison!!
6/02/2015 2:48:34 PM

I totally agree with Barnaby Joyce on this. It is so frustrating as a voter to watch this same chaos unfolding again. I for one will not be voting for either of the major parties for a long time to come if this nonsense continues.
gough whitlam
6/02/2015 4:51:40 PM

The national party are joined at the hip to the libs. Without them they are a nothing bunch of desperadoes. They cannot hold government in their own right and never could. Anyone who entertains the thought they can or should leave the libs is totally delusional. They are purely libs by another name. Not the mention how they make life harder for farmers but you guys are addicted to voting for anything other than labour.
Hick from the sticks
6/02/2015 6:10:20 PM

Ridiculous, Nats walking alone? It would be like trying to wean a poddy lamb. Too much deadwood used to getting paid for doing nothing but bleat about how they tried but the liberals said No.
Eddie Randle
6/02/2015 6:21:02 PM

Yeh right like that isn't the biggest bluff ever. Where would the Nats be without the backup of the Libs.
Farmer Brown
7/02/2015 5:06:46 AM

Perhaps its time the Nationals stood people in all Electorates and became a force on their own. The other major parties seem to have completely lost the plot. Barnaby Joyce speaks common sense.
7/02/2015 6:03:06 PM

The Nats walk? Balderdash! The Nats will do what the Nats always do and that is anything to stay at the big kids table. They haven't before, (least that that I can recall) they won't now.
Mad Matt
7/02/2015 6:11:30 PM

Frankly the federal nats should have walked years ago. Nothing more then pound puppies now to the liberals. Time to run your own race.
your local firefighter
8/02/2015 4:53:40 PM

Well Melbournite, you may well miss Barnaby, however our area was cohesive and progressive under Labor and didn't know it; reason why is that the large scale wind farm to be built here would have tipped over a million into the small community per year and drought proofed ageing graziers' - the Liberals made sure it ended by destroying all confidence in the Sector - appalling, community is now in free fall - opportunity lost, climate heating by the day. Time to wake up.
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