No place for live ex in 'green' economy

06 Jan, 2016 02:00 AM
Once these animals leave our shores you don’t have the same level of regulatory oversight

GREENS leader Richard Di Natale says live export has no place in the modern economy, as the party attempts to ramp up its economic credentials.

However, Senator Di Natale said while the party wanted to increase its economic credibility, it still wanted to promote its traditional policy strengths such as proactive messaging on climate change and opposition to live exports.

The Senator said a ban on live exports would increase local economic opportunities, especially through increased on-shore meat processing.

“If you accept live animal exports you have to accept you don’t have control over what happens over those animals, and therefore animal cruelty will occur at regular intervals,” he said.

“Once these animals leave our shores you don’t have the same level of regulatory oversight within the industry."

Mr Di Natale said the party's improved economic standing would come from pushing its view of a national economy transitioning away from “last century industries” towards a “modern green economy” underpinned by renewable energies.

That new economic landscape would be founded on advanced manufacturing and digital technologies, and fuelled by strong research and development investments and science-based policies, he said.

Colin Bettles

Colin Bettles

is the national political writer for Fairfax Agricultural Media
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6/01/2016 3:48:43 AM

The guy has no experience even working in the green economy.
John Niven
6/01/2016 6:06:27 AM

Every now and again the Greens can be taken seriously. This is simply nonsense and puts their cause right back to go.
Mabel Peyton-Smyth
6/01/2016 6:59:18 AM

This bloke is a tosser. Meat processing in Australia has always been a precarious industry that is subject to a host of variables. Surely cattle processed offshore saves energy in Australia. As for extra jobs, it just might be that the current workforce could absorb any increase in activity. The storage of meat in chillers and freezers also uses large amounts of energy. Why don't the Greens came clean and say their agenda is vegetarian, which means they are opposed to the farming of animals?
6/01/2016 7:20:44 AM

Live export is a cruel and obnoxious trade -- sadly supported by those who have no interest in the welfare of any animal. I agree-- this callous, unpopular trade has no place in our society.
6/01/2016 7:27:06 AM

Looks like the Greens are determined to deal themselves out of an opportunity to help improve animal welfare standards internationally, while, at the same time, improving farm gate returns for Aussie farmers.
6/01/2016 7:50:37 AM

I remind Red and John Niven that the nonsense lies with the perpetrators who knowingly and willingly traffic in live sentient animals to countries without animal welfare laws. The misfits who engage in this animal abuse include Barnaby Joyce, growers, live exporters, primitive and sadistic butchers in faraway lands. Currently, there are some 95 complaints/investigations on the department's website and few if any prosecutions. Hang your heads in shame fellas. Where the law serves vested interests, Karma will exact her revenge. An eye for an eye...........already happening......
Ann Britton
6/01/2016 8:03:58 AM

When there is proof of what the Greens purpose can actually physically happen....until then the above is just words and has nothing to do with animal welfare but using buzz words for those far removed from reality of live export to hopefully grab "feel good" votes.
100% Vegan
6/01/2016 9:14:22 AM

Why can't we just be upfront and acknowledge the world cannot afford to see the developing world have appetites for meat similar to the developed. 7 billion meat eaters simply aint possible. The sooner the govt regulates against meat consumption the better off the future world will be.
Farmer's daughter
6/01/2016 10:31:52 AM

Perhaps the Greens leader & senator should read the ESCAS legislation a little more closely. "Same level of regulatory oversight" is exactly what its introduction & implementation is all about.
6/01/2016 11:35:39 AM

No place for live Greens in the Agricultural economy !!
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