Turnbull defeats Abbott

14 Sep, 2015 07:50 PM
Mr Turnbull won the ballot 54 votes to 44.

MALCOLM Turnbull will be Australia's next Prime Minister after defeating Tony Abbott in a party room ballot for the Liberal leadership.

Mr Turnbull won the ballot 54 votes to 44. There was one informal vote.

Julie Bishop retained her position as deputy leader, defeating Kevin Andrews 70 votes to 30.

Mr Turnbull is now Australia's 29th prime minister elect.

It follows a dramatic day in Canberra that saw Mr Turnbull confront Mr Abbott and demand he stand aside or spill the leadership.

Ms Bishop also visited Mr Abbott today to tell him he had lost the confidence of the party and that he should go or have a ballot.

Mr Abbott survived a possible spill on February 9 this year when a leadership spill motion was defeated 61 votes to 39 at a special meeting of the Liberal party room.

Today's leadership change comes just over two years after Mr Abbott led the Liberal-National Coalition to victory in the federal election on September 7, 2013, returning the Coalition to government after a six-year absence.

The night of the 2013 election, Mr Abbott acknowledged his "strong and united Liberal National team".


Melissa Aisthorpe

is the deputy editor of FarmOnline
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angry australian
15/09/2015 4:11:06 AM

Rural Australia has legitimate cause to be nervous. Especially those in the MDB, adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef and in the fishing and forestry industries. Our main previous contact with Turnbull wasn't painless, he was Environment Minister under Howard, displayed an annoying preference to appease the latte sippers in Sydney over the needs of the people in the bush. The Nats, especially Barnaby, will need to strongly remind him it's about running a country not which party is in power.
15/09/2015 4:50:20 AM

Really highlights the relentless power of the Green/left dominated media. I hope Turnbull doesn't think they are on his side. However I'm sure they will remind him, who he owes his position to if he steps out of line.
Dougal and Fred
15/09/2015 6:07:43 AM

Congratulations to Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party for electing a leader who has strong economic credentials - and has worked in areas other than politics. There have been too many leaders without industry experience.
Itz Me
15/09/2015 7:09:44 AM

Now we are all going to see how far to the loony left Tophat is compared to TA. If Tophat goes down the climate change garden of Green gnomes path to serve his overseas masters then we are headed back to fairyland like under the last Labor Govt with a price on carbon, its just a matter of time. So we know from the start that when Tophat talks about a new way to manage our economy it means he will send whats left of it in reverse with an economic cancer called an Emissions Trading Scheme. This will most certainly be the last nail in our coffin, and Tophat will have achieved Labor's dream. RIP.
15/09/2015 4:18:07 PM

Turnbull inability to prevail over Rudd in earlier times proves what a political incompetent he really is. Get ready for a Plibersek run Labour Government. Heaven help the lot of us!


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