Heat records tumble globally

15 Jul, 2015 09:28 AM
Worldwide temperatures are on a warming trend

LAST month was the hottest June on record by a wide margin, according to Japan's Meteorological Agency, increasing the likelihood that 2015 will also be the warmest year.

Global surface temperatures were 0.41 degrees above the 1981-2010 average in June, the largest such anomaly in records going back to 1891, according to preliminary data from the state agency.

The previous warmest June came just last year, when the departure from the long-run average was 0.33 degrees, indicating a sizeable jump in 2015.

Worldwide temperatures are on a warming trend as increased greenhouse gas levels trap more of the solar radiation. A global summit in Paris set for late this year will seek to limit that warming – and the potential for dangerous climate change – to less than two degrees compared with pre-industrial times.

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  • The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said last month that May and the first five months of 2015 were the hottest on record.

    Along with the background warming, the El Nino in the Pacific is giving temperatures an extra kick higher. A near-El Nino in 2014 helped make that year the hottest on record and a full-blown event this year suggests that 2015 will set a new record for global surface temperatures.

    El Ninos typically lift global temperatures by 0.1-0.2 degrees as circulation changes in the Pacific mean the ocean takes up less of the heat from the atmosphere and can even give some of it back.

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    31/07/2015 7:25:06 AM

    How often do we have to repeat the facts, Gummy, before you grasp the point? Greenhouses use CO2, yes. They also use enhanced water, light, nutrients. Horticulturalists are aware of Liebig's Law. (Are you?) Meanwhile intensive research into increased atmospheric CO2 gives some discouraging results: eg growth of woody weeds; poorer protein content in grain; decreased mineral uptake. It's not a simple Magic Pudding effect. And - above all - enhanced atmospheric CO2 affects climate stability.
    31/07/2015 6:50:19 AM

    Think about it CGI, CO2 constitutes only 1 molecule in every 2500 molecules of atmosphere , which is a very very small amount. And without that 1 molecule of CO2 there would be no life on earth , all plant life would die and all other life would die soon after. Plants start to die if the atmospheric rate of CO2 falls below 150ppm to 200ppm. So CO2 is not some dangerous pollutant , CO2 is a natural part of our atmosphere and its in very short supply. Don't be afraid of it , your life depends on it.
    30/07/2015 2:35:51 PM

    CHI, we don't live in a high CO2 world , we live in a low CO2 world. 400ppmv is not a high rate, its a low rate. It is estimated that 50 thousand ppmv is toxic to breath, we have a long way to go.
    30/07/2015 1:52:38 PM

    No need for it to stack up Gumtree. Science simply presents facts. Why I struggle with your argument (and Darwin's)is the idea that a high CO2 is a wonderful Utopian world. How are we meant to live with a noxious gas to breathe?
    n ico
    30/07/2015 12:58:58 PM

    The Earth did cook then, Percy. There were mass extinctions in the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum, which was a short (geologically speaking) period of global warming 56 million years ago, possibly caused by CO2, possibly methane. We don't know. Volcanoes are a possibility, but ash causes cooling. Global warming today is happening at a faster rate than in the PETM.
    30/07/2015 10:40:13 AM

    Ok CGI sure , and that's why large commercial greenhouses keep using it. And that's why the earth is greening because earths plants are growing better as a direct result of the increase in the CO2 level in the atmosphere. The science does not stack up in CGIs world either by the look of it.
    30/07/2015 10:30:52 AM

    Please explain? In the days of numerous active volcanoes surely much more heat would have been trapped by the ash and carbon dioxide than under present conditions. Why did the earth not cook then?
    30/07/2015 9:13:41 AM

    In the 1970s the general consensus was global warming would have minimal impact on agriculture as land in cold regions would warm & open up balancing out the land that could no longer be farmed. In addition to the new farmland, people generally believed, the extra CO2 would boost yields. Then in the 2000s scientists conducted field trials spraying plants with CO2. The result was 0 - 15% increased yield. However, increased temperatures dropped yield by 30-40%. The science doesn't stack up in Gumtree's world - not that he would believe it anyway...
    30/07/2015 7:24:30 AM

    No, Darwin. I'm not. Nor can I be bothered with your anti-scientific nonsense any longer.
    29/07/2015 2:56:56 PM

    Nico before embarrassing yourself any further are you saying the NOAA report and the AMA think that conditions for life on earth would improve with cooling and less atmospheric plant food (CO2)? Tell me its not true. Tch tch , what has science come to. Warm is always preferable to cold Nico , most normal intelligent people know that.
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