Aus welcomes US stonefruit

30 Apr, 2014 02:00 AM
Australians are predicted to embrace imported stonefruit from the United States again this year.
It’s filling the void for that all-year-round fruit
Australians are predicted to embrace imported stonefruit from the United States again this year.

AMERICAN stonefruit is expected to enter Australia in large volumes this winter with the Australian industry welcoming the imports.

Fresh produce marketing monitor Freshlogic predicts higher volumes than ever of new season US stonefruit entering the Australian market for 2014.

The prediction is based on the success of the product in its first year (2013) and indications from key importers.

But that’s good news according to John Moore, CEO, Summerfruit Australia, who said the industry welcomes US stonefruit into the marketplace.

“It induces more regular consumption of stonefruit into the Australian diet. It’s filling the void for that all-year-round fruit,” he said.

“Whilst we don’t want to see it impact too much on our early season fruit, the industry certainly welcomes US stonefrut.”

From an international trade perspective, he said if Australia expected to send fruit to the US then it was only logical their fruit be allowed in.

According to Freshlogic, increased imports of Northern Hemisphere fruit into Australia are being reflected in retail promotional activity over the winter and spring months, with clear implications for other staple fruits.

Martin Kneebone, managing director, Freshlogic said growth in the imported volumes of grapes, cherries, kiwifruit and more recently stonefruit has drawn these products into retailer promotional activity.

“Staple fruits such as apples and bananas, which have traditionally dominated fruit sales in the winter months, are now faced with a different competitive set,” he said.

Indications are that consumers have welcomed these products and the colour they bring to the winter fruit bowl, and the retailers are now meeting that demand.

The imported fruit is expected to become available to Australian importers in less than a month.

Freshlogic’s Adwatch service reported that a 26 per cent increase in grape retail promotion numbers over the August-October US import window between 2012 and 2013 illustrates the increased pressure.

“Increased competition will require a response from the staple fruits in order to maintain sales over the winter and spring period,” Mr Kneebone said.

Adwatch tracks more than 6500 retail promotions per week, covering all food and grocery categories.

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Ashley Walmsley

is the editor of Good Fruit and Vegetables.
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30/04/2014 7:04:16 AM

Ashley, I would ink you should be promoting " EAT BY THE SEASONS" and not import and hence support Aus produce.
30/04/2014 7:52:49 AM

well said genazzano
30/04/2014 12:38:12 PM

"..if Australia expected to send fruit to the US then it was only logical their fruit be allowed in". No, that's not right. If fruit from anywhere else contain anything that Australia doesn't have, it's dangerous to our crops. Also what is it sprayed with? Hopefully nothing that our growers can't use.
30/04/2014 4:24:34 PM

How does AQIS handle the biosecurity threats associated with such stone fruit imports. Is the fruit being irradiated and fumigated before it is let into the country? I don't think anyone would want nasties like fireblight to be introduced. Have grower groups been consulted or is it just the traders that are welcoming the stone fruit imports?
Bushie Bill
30/04/2014 8:39:55 PM

Any action that increases economic efficiency and improves the standard of living for Australians is a good move, and this ticks all the boxes.
Frank Blunt
7/05/2014 6:57:31 AM

Any action that endangers our border security or compromises our producers is a bad move , and this ticks all the boxes.
9/05/2014 8:07:49 PM

Well said all of the above but how do you get the end user "being the buyers at supermarket to understand this" using their power of don't buy this is the only way this will cease is it not
10/05/2014 2:26:07 AM

KR there is very little we can do but soon the Brics countries will have the worlds reserve currency and instead of 5% having money to buy food over 40% will, what u reckon that do to food prices?


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