Call for Chinese apple boycott

17 Jan, 2011 04:04 AM

AUSTRALIAN apple growers are urging a boycott of Chinese apples.

The arrival of the first Chinese apples, due to go on sale this week, has upset the Australian industry.

Apple and Pear Australia criticised the timing because many farms have suffered flood damageAPA chairman Darral Ashton said: ''We're calling on everyone to support the local industry, which is known worldwide for its clean, green, farming practices.''

The arrival of Chinese Fuji apples is the first time since 1921 that apples will be imported following a decision by Biosecurity Australia last year to allow imports from China.

Coles and Woolworths have refused to stock Chinese apples.

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17/01/2011 4:21:50 AM

You can thank Red Julie and Kevin Crudd for this! Whats next pineapples from Russia!
Bushie Bill
17/01/2011 7:08:37 AM

It is not only pointless to talk about boycotts, it is counter-productive. Take advantage of all developments which increase Australians' standard of living, which trade does, be it domestic or international. It is moronic to do otherwise. Above all, beware of those who argue their own selfish interests under the guise of a greater cause, sometimes referred to as the vaguely defined "common good", a most abused term.
nsw grazier
17/01/2011 7:32:39 AM

Another kick in the guts for Australian producers. Most of us would not mind the competition if we had a fair playing field.
17/01/2011 9:20:34 AM

I cannot fathom your argument Bulls..t Bill. How does denying an Australian a job help their standard of living? Your analogy is a little like buying from your neighbour will help your own bottom line? Go figure. This will only work if you turn around and sell to a third party at a profit. Aside from the health and safety issues, I flatly refuse to buy imported food, I prefer to go without. At the end of the day we must all support our fellow Australians regardless. By supporting Australian grown / produced / made / owned, keeps everyone in business and helps raise everyone's standard of living. Well done Coles and Woollies for refusing to compromise Australian apple growers.
Thats Right
17/01/2011 11:06:49 AM

Ummm, Bushie Bill. How do you think all these Foreign Trade deals ever benefit Australia, wake up and look around. It appears everything we Import - Free of Tarriffs to the Importer. Now go overseas and see if Australia is getting the same deal - I don't think so, actually I know so. The tariffs our goods are charged before being imported to other countries is astounding. I assume you feel this is for the better good of Australia!
17/01/2011 11:48:33 AM

I suspect that the Chinese Fujis will be more palatable than the (presumably Australian) Red Delicious in the photo above. That said, I will not buy them, just as I avoid Chinese vegetables. However, they will be a boon to people whose primary concern is to feed their families within their budget, not the chemical use on Chinese farms. On the other hand, I am eagerly awaiting New Zealand apples that are superior to most Australian produce.
Farmer Greg
17/01/2011 11:49:51 AM

Come on Bushie Bill if your lively hood was threatened by someone wouldn't you want to defend it? That not withstanding the biggest issue with these types of fresh foods from countries like China are the pests and diseases that they quite often carry which can slip through the cracks. If you start importing these foods you increase the risk 10 fold and once they are here there is generally no way of controlling or stopping them. It has nothing to do with trade it is governments and businesses trying to squeeze every cent of profit.
Interested observer
17/01/2011 12:24:36 PM

I will not buy Chinese apples any more than I will buy United States oranges in the interests of maintaining viable food production in Australia. The ultimate power rests with the consumer - that is, until lax labelling enforcement hides the origin of our daily food items from the buyer.
17/01/2011 6:28:57 PM

Will Bull#!*t Bill ever be any thing but a crass #!*t stirrer. He is certainly not from the bush wwhich makes him a decieving hypocrit as well. Go jump back in the cesspit from whence you have come! I'm all with nsw grazier, ggwagga, thats right and Farmer Greg. Coles and woolies have also redeemed them selves a little. There is plenty of chinese let them eat them.
Frustrated Farmer
18/01/2011 4:35:35 AM

It's a world gone crazy when farmers wanting a truly fair and level playing field and determined to protect himself from diseases is called a moron for objecting to produce being imported from a country that doesn't have to pay award wages or adhere to strict chemical procedures, etc. etc. etc!!!! Wake up Australia because if you don't - it wont be long and you wont have a choice to make anymore. .....Your produce will have to be imported. The Australian Farmer can't survive in this supposedly "fair trade" environment for long.
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