Dept of Ag considers Chinese nectarines

13 Feb, 2015 03:30 PM
The analysis is in response to a request for market access for fresh nectarine fruit from China

CHINA is seeking to export nectarines to Australia. The Department of Agriculture issued a Biosecurity Advice earlier this month announcing it has begun a “non-regulated analysis of existing policy for fresh nectarine fruit from the People’s Republic of China”.

The commencement of this analysis is in response to a request for market access for fresh nectarine fruit from China into Australia.

A preliminary pest categorisation for nectarine fruit from China found potential quarantine pests of concern are the same as, or similar to, quarantine pests for fresh stone fruit from the USA (California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington) and New Zealand; and apples and table grapes from China for which import policy exists.

“Given the similarity of pests of concern and that there are appropriate risk management measures for these pests, the risk analysis for nectarine fruit from China will be progressed as a non-regulated analysis of existing policy, consistent with the Import Risk Analysis Handbook 2011,” the Biosecurity Advice said.

The Department of Agriculture will prepare a draft report which will be issued for stakeholder comment.

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15/02/2015 12:34:39 AM

Really? In the wake of the frozen berry recall this week? Those berries have been linked to Hepatitis A & were from China.......
Black Stump
17/02/2015 6:45:27 AM

The Dept of Ag must be insane. Are they all on drugs ?
20/02/2015 8:36:46 AM

What risks are taken by the authors of the 'import risk analysis handbook ? ..more importantly who are the authors and what interest/long term exposure do they have when the holes in the swiss cheese model line up. Where is the contingency planning handbook for when they do stuff up (and there are many examples of that, starting with the cane toad ). Commercial interests have much lesser priority than public health or environmental contamination when playing with import bio security. Have a harder look at consequence over occurrence. Prevention is better than a costly cure every time.
Bushie Bill
23/02/2015 10:26:44 AM

Everyone must pay for your non-competitive lifestyles, eh boys? You are farmers and you ARE owed a living is a fine philosophy but you never seem to get around to explaining (or even understanding) that your lifestyle living decisions have to be paid for by other hard-working Australians. Be the rugged innovative individualists you claim to be, and stop whingeing and stop seeking to have Australian consumers pay for your lethargy.
Old Crow
23/02/2015 10:39:10 AM

Did your dole cheque bounce last week Bushie ?
angry australian
23/02/2015 11:29:53 AM

Bush fly we don't claim to be owed a living! Our nation expects us to produce food of the highest order at the cheapest cost, which I don't quibble with. As a nation we enact laws, such as cradle to grave traceability of food that adds enormous cost and paperwork to our product. Then free market morons expect us to just sit back and allow product in from another nation that may not meet the stringent codes we operate under. And then a genuine idiot makes a nuisance of himself lecturing us on " your lifestyle living decisions have to be paid for by other hard-working Australians."
23/02/2015 11:30:09 AM

Would these nectarines come with or without chinese faeces??


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