HAL review begins

05 Feb, 2014 08:25 AM
The review includes a consultation paper and stakeholder forums

STAKEHOLDER forums are underway which could result in a major shake-up to one of horticulture’s key funding bodies.

Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) has commissioned ACIL Allen Consulting to conduct a third-party review of its operations, including levy management.

The review was announced in August last year and received praise from industry groups at the time.

The review includes a consultation paper and stakeholder forums, the first of which began today in Innisfail, Queensland and Mildura, Victoria.

Other forums will take place in Wagga Wagga, NSW (February 6); Adelaide, SA (Feb 11); Melbourne, Vic (Feb 12); Bunbury, WA (Feb 17); Sydney, NSW (Feb 18); Launceston, Tas (Feb 27); Brisbane, Qld (Feb 27).

According to ACIL Allen Consulting, key issues for discussion include analyzing what is HAL’s primary purpose; how efficient it is; levy payer consultation; project delivery success; and the number of industry bodies making decisions about levies.

The discussion paper notes that the current model involves significant overheads — conservatively, about 28 per cent of levy contributions.

Currently, HAL has more than 3000 projects in operation.

The average spend on an R&D project is about $30,000. On marketing projects the average is less, around $20,000.

The consultation paper asks for growers’ views about whether projects are too small and whether their impact can be measured.

The review aims to address questions over the potential for conflict of interest in the current model which sees growing amounts of funding allocated through HAL to peak industry bodies, even though those industry bodies are the owners of HAL.

The discussion paper puts forward five different options for HAL’s future, one of which is abolishing HAL altogether.

HAL was created in 2001.

It is hoped the review will be completed by May.

Visit www.acilallen.com.au/halr eview for more details.


Ashley Walmsley

is the editor of Good Fruit and Vegetables.
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5/02/2014 9:27:16 PM

Its like the vegetable levy. Has anyone calculated what percentage of funded projects goes to Ausveg and its strategic partners? Poor corporate governance and lack of accountability in my opinion from HAL to let this happen.
Veg man
6/02/2014 6:45:49 AM

Have you even read the industry annual report? Nothing is going to their strategic partners, nothing you have said is factual. Learn to troll the internet.
6/02/2014 6:29:27 PM

@vegman cant say I stated any facts. Just asked how many projects and funding go to Ausveg and its strategic partners? Perhaps you need to learn how to read. If HAL was more transparent this would be disclosed upfront on their website.
Veg man
7/02/2014 12:48:15 PM

I can read, very well actually. So well to know that your screen name should actually say "ByeByeHAL". But I digress. Maybe you should have asked "Does any funding go to its Strategic Partners?" And annual reports are online. If you can't find them let me know and I'll give you the address.
7/02/2014 2:21:57 PM

Again mate learn to read, I said what percentage of funded PROJECTS go to Ausveg and its strategic partners? Send me a link where I can find this out, would be great if you can calculate it for me.
Rob Moore
7/02/2014 5:27:38 PM

A common theme across ALL Primary Industry-Levy funded Money -CORRUPTS.It becomes a trough for a clique to become the spokesgroup for the levy payers and in no time they are doing deals for their own survival - rather than taking the tough deciscions on behalf of their members. This "sell out" is a time worn model across many primary industries! High time they were all pulled off the tit and we go back to the rule book that says a "levy" can only be introduced for a "market failure"! The PPP bill is the answer for you blokes too -just by the way!Disclosure & equal access! will do it for U
10/02/2014 6:04:26 AM

Yes as a grower I have problems with some of my income going to some 'experts' to decide on how its spent. Make the levy non compulsory and we will contribute if there is evidence of this so called market failure. I have a problem with my money contributing to the incomes of a lot of people in suits sitting in offices in capital cities and then funding overseas 'study' trips for them to participate in. HAL is supposed to be independent but I know think they are very much politically influenced to fund the poor performing industry bodies.


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