Say a big green g'day to Gherkin Jarvis

10 Mar, 2011 09:00 AM

LOOKING for some great gardening advice? Self-proclaimed gardening expert and carpet enthusiast, Gherkin Jarvis of Australian Horticulture magazine is here to help you in his new column and web show, "Better Backyards".

Mr Jarvis’ expertise in backyards began as a child with his parents owning their very own backyard at the back of the house.

Since then he has visited hundreds of backyards and owned several himself.

Having educated himself to what he describes as the equivalent to “Certificate VIII in Horticulture”, Mr Jarvis then went into the horticulture consultancy field, advising to such major businesses as Chespavnova Seedlings, prior to it entering bankruptcy.

Mr Jarvis said he hoped his passion for backyards would help inspire readers.

“It’ll be a real challenge but I’m passionate about backyards and what they stand for,” he said.

“I’ll be passionately writing about topics that I’m passionate about, with a lot of passion that naturally comes from having a passion for something I’m so passionate about.”

Mr Jarvis is the author of several books including “Breeding Transparent Roses”; “Establishing A Snake Friendly Oasis”; and the controversial best-seller, “Ceiling Hydroponics: Lighting, Irrigation and Assembling a Legal Team”.

* Catch Gherkin's first column on Tuesday, March 15!

Gherkin Jarvis is a columnist for Australian Horticulture, Australia's premier national nursery and garden industry publication. Pick up your copy each month in all good newsagents, or to subscribe, contact 1300 131 095.

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10/03/2011 1:30:45 PM

This will be good. Gave me a good laugh. Peter Cundall meets Steve Irwin.
11/03/2011 8:38:31 AM

Is this guy for real?
11/03/2011 11:12:12 AM

Brilliant! Australians really are in a class of their own when it comes to taking the micky. I'm sure Peter Cundall has a good enough sense of humour to appreciate this guy too.


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