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30 Apr, 2017 04:00 AM
Mirasole Trust, Brunswick, has nominated 11 Angus-Friesian, first-cross heifers aged 16-18mo for the sale. The heifers have been vet checked unjoined and suitable to breed.
Mirasole Trust, Brunswick, has nominated 11 Angus-Friesian, first-cross heifers aged 16-18mo for the sale. The heifers have been vet checked unjoined and suitable to breed.

PRODUCERS looking for store cattle should look no further than Landmark’s upcoming store sale at Boyanup on Friday, May 5.

In the sale the Landmark South West team is expecting to yard 1000 head and the majority of these will be made up of Friesian steers and first-cross steers.

There will also be a good run of beef steers and heifers, plus first-cross heifers.

The biggest vendor in the Friesian and first-cross steer offering will be Evans Dairy, Busselton, when it trucks in its bi-annual draft of 97 head, which are all owner-bred.

The operation is currently milking about 750 head and calves twice a year.

The offering will consist of 30 Friesian steers, 51 Aussie Red steers and 16 Angus-Friesian steers, all aged seven to eight months.

Landmark Margaret River agent Jock Embry said the calves from Evans Dairy would present very well.

“They are good, well-grown cattle for their age, that are just waiting to go out in the paddock and continue growing,” Mr Embry said.

All the Evans Dairy calves have been vaccinate twice with 7in 1, drenched and dehorned.

The majority of Friesian steers and first-cross steers on offer will come from the Brunswick, Harvey and surrounding areas, including 40 head nominated by Laurie Sorgiovanni, IR Sorgiovanni, Harvey.

The 16 to 18-month-old black and white steers were purchased as poddies and have been grown out ready for sale.

Also trucking in numbers to these sections will be Stella Dairies, Roelands, which has nominated 24 Friesian steers and 12 Angus-Friesian steers.

These calves are all owner-bred with the Friesians aged 5-6 months and the Angus-Friesians six months old.

Benger operation GG & DM Tartaglia will also offer both Friesian and first-cross steers, which are all owner-bred.

It has nominated 18 Friesian steers and seven Angus-Friesian steers, all 10-12mo.

Other lines coming in from the area will include eight Friesian steers (18-20mo) from DE Craigie & Son, Harvey, while GP & EL Papalia, Brunswick, will truck in 12 black and white steers (14mo) and SH Fry & Son, Benger, will offer 24 head (12mo).

Harvey operation Kimlie Pty Ltd and EJM & NM Dorant, Australind, will round out the vendors from the area.

Kimlie Pty Ltd, will offer 24 owner-bred Friesian steers aged 5-6mo and the Dorants will truck in 10 much older Jersey-Friesian steers (24-26mo).

Other bigger lines on offer in the Friesian steers will come from R & MC Cosenza, with 20 steers (22mo) and K & M Taylor, Capel with 12 steers (18mo), while A Anfuso, Mundijong, will offer six Friesian steers (7-10mo) and six Angus-Friesian steers (11-14mo).

In the beef offering there will be a good run of steers and heifers which will comprise of mainly Angus and Murray Grey origins.

The largest vendor in this section will be BA & CA Ferguson, Serpentine.

The Fergusons offering will consist of 60 Angus cross calves – 30 steers and 30 heifers.

The calves are 8-10mo and will weigh 280-300 kilograms.

They are sired by Mordallup Angus sires and out of Angus and Murray Grey cross cows.

Harvey operation P & T Curulli & Son, will also offer owner-bred, black calves when it trucks in 14 Angus steers and 13 Angus heifers, which are 10-11mo, while P & R Allingham, Cookernup, have nominated 19 owner-bred Murray Grey calves (nine steers and 10 heifers) aged 14-16mo and MV & HR Green, will offer 20 Murray Grey heifers (12-13mo) which will be in the 280-340kg weight range.

Rounding out the vendors in the beef lanes will be K & M Taylor, with 10 Charolais steers and 10 Charolais heifers, which are 12mo.

A couple of pens of owner-bred, first-cross heifers which won’t disappoint will be offered by Mirasole Trust, Brunswick and GG & DM Tartaglia.

Mirasole Trust has nominated 11 Angus-Friesian heifers aged 16-18mo while the Tartaglia family will truck in 12 Angus-Friesian heifers aged 10-12mo.

Both lines have been vet checked unjoined and suitable to breed.

Jodie Rintoul

Jodie Rintoul

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