Deadline set for LPA NVD change

04 Sep, 2015 10:15 AM
The LPA NVDs play a key role in supporting and promoting Australia’s reputation

EXPECTATIONS from international markets will see red meat producers need to ensure they have the current Livestock Production Assurance National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD) form from November 16 this year.

From that date, older forms will not be accepted under the LPA program.

The current LPA NVD will be required for movements of all LPA accredited livestock (sheep, lambs, goats and cattle), including property to property, through saleyards, direct to processors, feedlots, and to the live export trade.

The phase-out of all versions other than those labelled 0413, which has been available since December 2013, is being driven by expectations from international markets.

The current LPA NVD for bobby calves is version 0412 and was released in 2012.

The decision has been driven by industry through SAFEMEAT - a partnership between the red meat and livestock industry, including producer representatives, and the state and federal governments of Australia.

With 54 per cent of lamb, 97pc of sheepmeat, 70pc of beef and 95pc of goatmeat being exported, SAFEMEAT chairman Ross Keane, said the decision was necessary to meet domestic and importing country requirements.

“The LPA NVDs play a key role in supporting and promoting Australia’s reputation as a reliable supplier of safe, residue free meat and meat products to domestic and international markets,” Mr Keane said in a statement.

Almost 70pc of producers are already using the most current version of the LPA NVD. Mr Keane said this uptake of the latest version showed producers understood just how important the LPA NVD is to the industry.

“This decision means those small number of producers who are still using old forms will need to obtain the latest LPA NVD version so that our LPA NVD system consistently delivers what our international customers require.”

Many processors made the decision to only accept the latest LPA NVD version over 12 months ago, to meet their customers’ and exporting country’s expectations.

“The processing sector welcomes this whole of industry decision to adopt a uniform LPA NVD,” said David Larkin, chairman of the Australian Meat Industry Council’s Processor Council.

“Livestock producers should be congratulated for their adoption of the most current version and their understanding of just how important the LPA NVD is to Australia’s ability to sell safe meat around the world with confidence.”

There have been eight versions of the LPA NVD issued since the LPA program began in 2004, with modifications made as market requirements changed. Up until now, all versions have been able to be used but this has created inefficiencies, according to SAFEMEAT.

The latest LPA NVD removes the need for producers to state ‘Saudi eligible’ or ‘Russia eligible’.

Removing all previous editions ensures all requirements of Australia's international trading partners have been addressed.

All red meat producers have been sent a letter outlining the changes and providing information on how to purchase a book of the current LPA NVDs if they are not using them.

Producers can order a new hard-copy LPA NVD booklet online, or purchase electronic NVDs, at

Producers who are using the current version of the LPA NVD (0413) do not need to do anything.

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4/09/2015 7:10:13 PM

If they are going to change NVD's then a rebate should be available on any unused forms. That might make them think twice about changing these every couple of years.
19/09/2015 6:59:25 AM

The article shows how out of touch Mr Keene is as old NVD's have been rejected by all saleyards this year. Even processers have insisted producers use 0413 forms for months. I agree with Percy ,refunds should be mandatory as most producers order multiple books as electronic forms are inconvenient. It also astounds me that a question on all vaccinations and date of application is not included as some of these have withholding periods. Needs more people with commonsense to design and update the NVD.


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