Eight quality sires from Kooyong stud

24 Jan, 2018 04:00 AM
Kooyong Charolais stud, Coolup, is offering eight Charolais bulls at the seventh annual WA Charolais Bull Sale at Brunswick on Thursday, February 1.
Kooyong Charolais stud, Coolup, is offering eight Charolais bulls at the seventh annual WA Charolais Bull Sale at Brunswick on Thursday, February 1.

KOOYONG Charolais stud, Coolup, is offering eight well-muscled, moderate framed, quality bulls at the seventh annual WA Charolais Bull Sale on Thursday, February 1.

Stud principal David Ellis said the sale team had come through the tough season exceptionally well.

“They are showing softness and adequate weight for age,” David said.

David and Jan Ellis congratulated their clients and all other entrants in the recent Charolais Silver Calf competition held over two sales at Boyanup.

“Great to see large lines of Charolais-cross weaners in the yards attracting a premium from the buyers,” David said.

Kooyong’s sale team leader in lot three, Kooyong Magnum Force M44E, is another outstanding son of their senior herd sire Eric H2E E5E, a trait leader for 200, 400 and 600-day weights.

Magnum force combines high growth with a below average birthweight EBV of -0.5 to be a real curve bender and will put extra weight in your silver calves.

Lot four Kooyong M16 (AI) (P) is the first son of polled French AI sire Dangely to be offered at auction in WA.

M16 is moderate framed, deep bodied polled bull with tremendous width and a clean sheath.

Kooyong Mike and Mal in lots 17 and 18 are twins by birthweight leader (-1.7) Kooyong Jurien H2E J24E (AI) (P) , a son of famous AI sire LT Bluegrass (P) who is renowned for his calving ease and softness.

Kooyong Mike M33E (P) in lot 17 is a well-balanced, moderate framed early maturing bull with a clean sheath, soft skin and strong polled head.

Lot 18 Kooyong Mal H2E M34E (P) is similar to his brother but more compact and has extra fat coverage and lower birthweight EBV of -1.4, a real easy doer.

Lot 19 Kooyong Morton M5E (AI) (ET) is the product of a flush from top donor Lollipop H2E L32E (P) and popular French AI sire Epsom.

Morton is long and deep with excellent muscle and bone, straight top line and is breed average (+0.5) for birth.

Lots 20 and 37 are by Kooyong Jones H2E J42E.

Lot 20 Marco M21E has an excellent muscle pattern, is deep flanked with softness, and below average birthweight (+0.1).

Lot 37 Maddox M23E is heavy muscled, long bodied and has above breed average growth traits, an ideal bull to put extra muscle in those sought after silver calves.

Lot 39 Kooyong Montague H2E M65E (P) is the last son of popular low birthweight sire Excalibur H2E E32E (P).

For a June calf, Montague already displays early maturity and softness with laid in shoulders.

He has breed average growth, low birthweight EBV of -1.4 and large testicles (48cm) and is a polled bull suitable for heifers.

The team was weighted on December 26, 2017 and averaged 810kg.

They have had Vibrovax, Pestiguard, 7in1, Multimin and B12 injections, are BVDV negative, and semen tested.

Scanning data will be available sale day and look forward to seeing you there.

p Further enquires welcome to David and Jan Ellis

9530 3225 and 0427 170 965.



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