Goats near lamb prices

23 Sep, 2015 05:47 AM
The average September export over-the-hook indicator (12-16kg cwt) is 471c/kg cwt

GOATS are edging closer to current lamb prices, with the over-the-hook export goat indicators reaching 500c/kg cwt this week.

The average September export over-the-hook indicator (12-16kg cwt) is 471c/kg cwt, up 40 per cent year-on-year.

Average weekly eastern states goat slaughter, reported by MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service, eased 4pc year-on-year in August, to 31,660 head.

This decline was attributed to slaughter levels in Victoria and SA halving year-on-year, to 5962 head and 5285 head, respectively.

In contrast, slaughter lifted in Queensland and NSW, to 17,292 head and 3121 head, respectively.

Although the average eastern states goat slaughter for the month was lower than year-ago levels, August goat slaughter was higher than the May, June and July averages.

Australian goatmeat exports totalled 2403 tonnes swt in August, down 27pc year-on-year. This rounds off total exports for winter at 5229 tonnes swt, slipping 45pc on the corresponding period last year.

Goatmeat exports to the US eased 40pc year-on-year, to 1168 tonnes swt in August, while shipments to Canada decreased 76pc, to 87 tonnes swt.

Exports to Japan were steady at 39 tonnes swt, while volumes to Taiwan and Korea slipped 28pc and 26pc, to 175 tonnes swt and 118 tonnes swt, respectively.

Volumes to China and Hong Kong, lifted considerably in August, to 103 tonnes swt and 442 tonnes swt, respectively.

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24/09/2015 4:20:58 PM

At 500c they would be better than some lambs. Lamb prices are pathetic. No wonder sheep numbers keep falling. Lambs cost too much to produce to make a reasonable profit at 500c. I hope the processors are buying up land because they may have to grow their own lambs if prices don't increase soon.
Zero till
23/10/2015 6:49:58 PM

No money in fat lambs at $100 a head.? I thought you blokes were raking it in and us cropping only operations were stupid not to have some!


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