Live export response from Joel Fitzgibbon

17 May, 2018 08:06 AM
Joel Fitzgibbon.
Joel Fitzgibbon.

Response from Joel Fitzgibbon, Shadow Minister for Agriculture on the review into Australia's live export industry.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull fails the leadership test on live sheep exports.

Mr Turnbull said he’d follow the science on live sheep exports. He hasn’t.

He said he’d show leadership. He hasn’t.

The science is in, the northern summer sheep trade and animal welfare expectations cannot be reconciled.

As the Australian Veterinary Association and the RSPCA have told us, no matter what standards or stocking densities are applied, sheep will continue to suffer in the searing heat on these long summer voyages.

We didn’t need another review to tell us that. There have been plenty of those.

Labor will act on the science and stop the summer trade at the first opportunity.

We will also phase out the balance of the trade over time and impose the highest regulatory standards during the transition period.

We want to end the cruelty. We want to ensure our sheep farmers are sustainably profitable and we want to create more jobs here in Australia.

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Judith Nioa
21/05/2018 6:02:24 AM, on Farm Weekly

Ban live exports now. This is cruelty. Better to export the meat done here not there. We must not give in to cruelty just to make money. Who else should I contact.....I feel quite helpless and I care so very much...... Regards Judith A Nioa


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Ban live exports now. This is cruelty. Better to export the meat done here not there. We must
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What a callous Government we have that allows sheep and other exported animals to suffer the
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I think you have grossly underestimated the broader community's understanding of the trade,