Live export vital for WA says producer

15 Apr, 2018 04:00 AM
York sheep producer Peter Boyle said any shut down of the live export market would have a major affect on the industry, particularly here in WA.
York sheep producer Peter Boyle said any shut down of the live export market would have a major affect on the industry, particularly here in WA.

YORK sheep producer Peter Boyle, who supplies more than 25,000 sheep to the live export trade each year, said he was against any move to shut down the trade for two to three months of the year.

“I’m very much concerned,” Mr Boyle said.

“Shutting down the trade for a couple of months would be like a wedge in the door.

“I’d be against closing down the trade for the northern summer.”

Mr Boyle has been in the industry on and off for the past 52 years and said the live export trade was “absolutely vital” to the WA industry.

He said if there was a temporary ban on the trade, a lot of sheep would be sent to the Eastern States because local processors wouldn’t be able to take the numbers.

Mr Boyle said he supported the changes to industry standards if it meant the industry could continue but he expected costs to rise for exporters and producers.

“Now there is going to be less sheep on the boats,” he said.

“That adds to the cost and affects prices.

“It all costs money and we are the ones that have to pay for it.”

Mr Boyle was at the Muchea Livestock Centre on Tuesday and said it was business as usual for buyers and sellers.

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15/04/2018 5:24:23 AM, on Farm Weekly

Farmers know the suffering facing these animals and can only see the dollars, Sell if frozen and put 10 times more on the ship. Get smarter, kill the sheep here and value add. Not halal slaughter either, this practice marked the beginning of the most cruel treatment of animals. Farmers wake up. You are driving people away from eating meat. You must grow some empathy for the animals. Stop these cruel practices, invest in exporting carcasses frozen, and create some jobs here. Regain the public's respect, because right now we hate you. You give me nightmares
20/04/2018 8:56:51 AM, on Farm Weekly

Good to know thousands of caring people in all walks of life oppose the cruel live animal trade. These people will continue to help bring this callous industry to an end. Our Government and live ex supporters appear to be totally lacking in compassion or concern for the welfare of these poor doomed animals. Live export is nothing to be proud of -- ban the trade and stop the brutal cruelty inflicted on Australia's live exported animals.
Julie Taylor
24/05/2018 1:59:30 PM, on Farm Weekly

Farmers are people in the business of farming. If the only way they can make a profitable living is by subjecting animals to great suffering, then let them go bankrupt! No-one deserves to profit from the suffering of animals. They can find other ways to earn a living instead of through the misery of animals.
Burt Craig
1/06/2018 3:14:16 PM, on Farm Weekly

Good to see all the above political idealoges sprouting their lefty vile diatribe against innocent farmers. This attack against farmers is all part of their grandiose scheme to annul the food chain playing right into their hands. Well done!


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NO ships with live animals should be leaving Australia. This industry is animal abuse and animal
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we are happy to have Aldi in katanning doing business with WAMCO we also wanted and in great
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This is a disgrace but what can you expect from a Liberal Government that insists on making