NLRS reporting AuctionsPlus again

02 Sep, 2015 05:55 AM
Cattle consignments decreased 6 per cent last week, with 6053 head offered.

MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service has this week re-commenced reporting national AuctionsPlus cattle and sheep sales.

AuctionsPlus sold approximately 280,000 cattle and 2 million sheep in the 2014-15 financial year, making it a significant player within the auction system.

Cattle consignments decreased 6 per cent last week, with 6053 head offered.

Light vealer steers averaged 416¢ and topped at 489¢/kg lwt, while light vealer heifers to restockers sold to a high of 475¢ and averaged 417¢/kg.

Light 2 score yearling steers to restockers settled on 349¢, after reaching 361¢/kg lwt.

There was also a good number of feeder weight steers available, with heavy 2 score Angus steers at Coonamble selling at 337¢/kg lwt.

Light 1 score yearling heifers to restock averaged 268¢, while medium weight 2 scores, predominately out of Queensland, settled on 301¢/kg. A line of heavy Angus heifers, weighing in at 360kg, sold at a top of 324¢/kg lwt.

Light 2 score grown steers to restockers sold to 340¢, while medium weight lines made to 301¢/kg lwt.

Medium weight 2 score grown heifers to restockers averaged 397¢, after reaching 597c/kg lwt.

Light 1 score cows to restockers settled on 385¢, while medium weight 2 score lines averaged 251¢/kg lwt.

Cow and calf units exceeded $2,000/unit, with a small line of Angus first calvers selling for $2,050.

Registered fullblood Wagyu heifers out of southern NSW made $2751 and in Emerald 12-40 month old unjoined F4 heifers made $1,820/head.

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2/09/2015 9:16:43 PM

Good idea to report as this is the way of the future. No risk of picking up disease in yards, very full description of what you are buying is provided, able to ask questions before the sale and get an honest answer, Can set a reserve and so not have to bring the sheep home because they are still in the paddock, much less stress on the livestock, can negotiate with losing bidder after the auction if passed in, only one cost of freight (picked up by buyer). Yes the assessor has to be honest and independent but with time then confidence will build in their ability. Publicise how it works more!


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