Quality yarding for two-day Boyanup sale

27 May, 2017 04:00 AM

ONE venue, two days and close to 2000 cattle.

That’s the equation for Landmark’s fourth annual two-day June special store cattle sales at the Boyanup saleyards next month.

The first sale will be held next Friday, June 2, commencing at 1pm, when about 1200 head will be sold both liveweight and appraisal.

Included in this yarding will be a large run of Friesian/Friesian cross steers and heifers plus mated heifers and cow-calf units.

The day two sale will be held the following week on Friday, June 9, starting at 1pm and will feature 700 head of beef steers and heifers.

Landmark South West sale co-ordinator Ralph Mosca said they were expecting to offer a yarding of close to 2000 head over the two days and the sales would represent a great opportunity for buyers.

“With good rains across most of the region in the last couple of weeks the feed is now starting to get away and therefore the sales will be an ideal opportunity to buy,” Mr Mosca said.

“The offering will consist of some very good lines coming in from both regular and new vendors to the sale and the cattle are in good condition considering the late break we have had for the season.

“The sales really will be an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to stock up their numbers before winter hits.”

The Friesian steers will make up the biggest portion of cattle in the day one sale on June 2.

The Friesian steers will range in age from five to 24 months old.

One of the biggest vendors of Friesian steers in the sale will be the Scott family, Tasca Holdings, Gundagai Dairy, Boyanup.

The operation will offer 24 Friesian steers aged 14 months old and 70 black and white steers, which are 5-6mo.

The steers are all owner-bred and bucket-reared and come from the family’s dairy where they are currently milking 950 Friesian cows.

The older steers were drenched with Eprinex and treated with a B12 and selenium injection in February, while the younger line has received an Eprinex drench and their booster 7in1 vaccine.

Another sizable line in the Friesian steer offering will come from Chip Yelverton, Molita Grove Grazing, Co, Quindalup, who has nominated 44 Friesian steers to be sold liveweight in the sale.

The well-grown steers are 20-24mo and weigh 450 to 500 kilograms.

They were purchased in as poddies from local dairies and grown out as part of annual grass fattening turnover program undertaken by the operation.

The steers are all dehorned and received a drench, B12 and 5in1 treatments last week.

Burekup operation Orchard Road Trust will also have black and white steers in the pens when it trucks in 37 Friesian steers.

The 16-18mo steers were bought in as poddies and have been grown out on the Burekup property.

The steers will be sold liveweight and are expected to weigh between 400-450kg.

Offering 50 black and white steers each will be NL & E Haddon and Mahaffey Family Trust, Benger.

The Haddon family’s steers are 14-16mo and Maheffey family’s are slightly younger at 12-14mo.

Other sizable Friesian steer drafts will come from TD & JD Norton, 40 steers (5-6mo); C & R Angi, Yarloop, 30 steers (14-18mo) and G & J Miller, 30 steers (16mo).

Along with its sizable draft of Friesian steers Tasca Holdings will also offer 50 Angus-Friesian steers in the first-cross steer pens.

These steers are 14mo and are by Mordallup and Cherylton Angus bulls.

The line was drenched with Eprinex and treated with a B12 and selenium injection in February.

Other vendors of first-cross steer lines will include LJM Produce, which will truck in 25 Angus-Friesians (20-22mo); V & E Pitter, Waroona, 24 Angus-Friesians (12mo) and AC & CA Jenkins, 20 Angus-Friesians (10-12mo).

The biggest line in the mated cows and heifers section will be 15 Charolais cows with calves at foot from Elgin Park, Elgin.

In the beef sale on Friday, June 9 it will be Angus cattle which will fill most of the pens.

Regular vendors at this time of the year Carters Farm Pty Ltd, Busselton, will again feature in the yarding with 35 mixed sex Angus yearlings.

In the breakdown the Busselton operation will offer 25 steers and 10 heifers aged 15 months.

The classy black yearlings are based on Blackrock Angus bloodlines and Landmark Boyup Brook agent Jamie Abbs said they were a good line of Angus cattle with good growth and condition.

The steers will average about 400kg and the heifers 350kg.

The line was weaned in January and they have had a 7in1 treatment and a drench.

One of the biggest vendors in this sale will be Kandalee Grazing, Bridgetown.

The operation’s offering will consist of 70 Angus steers aged 10-12mo.

Another vendor with good numbers nominated is BJ & CF Prowse, who will truck in both Angus cross and British White steers and heifers.

Its truck load will be made up of 12 Angus cross steers, 12 Angus cross heifers and 12 British White heifers all aged 12mo.

Jodie Rintoul

Jodie Rintoul

is Farm Weekly's livestock manager


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