Summit Gelbvieh bred for future trends

08 Feb, 2018 04:00 AM
Summit Western Star M227: 852kg, 6mm Rib fat, 7mm Rump fat, 121cm2 EMA, 4.2 IMF.
Summit Western Star M227: 852kg, 6mm Rib fat, 7mm Rump fat, 121cm2 EMA, 4.2 IMF.

SUMMIT Gelbvieh principal John Pugh feels the beef industry is in for a long overdue major shake-up to enable it to compete better with other meats.

He believes the lack of co-ordination of the various sectors has to be addressed so that the correct feedback as to the value of an animal to industry can be assessed.

“Averaging, lack of independent research, blinkered thinking and political correctness are the enemies of the industry we love’s future success,” John said.

“There might be romance in having such a hotch potch mosaic of breeds and production systems but I suggest they have a place in cottage industries and not in the beef industry I see as our future.

“The solution is to get the major profit drivers right and to think about other sectors with every decision.”

As a result the Pughs base their breeding program on these principles and they believe these important profit drivers are:

p Breeder Efficiency – it makes sense to use heterosis – research says about 15 per cent cow lifetime advantage.

p Feed Efficiency – growth rate without it being feed efficient makes no sense and a well-muscled animal will be best.

p Growth Rate – with all their figures Angus were 15pc behind our team in the 2017 Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate Challenge.

p Dressing percentage – big variations in Angus in the 2017 Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate Challenge were more than 2pc behind our team, which is 4pc really.

p Meat yield – Angus are running more than 4pc behind Gelbvieh in a current American trial – getting paid for it is just around the corner.

p Meat quality – leaner meat is more healthy and more economical and can be a very pleasant eating experience if handled well.

John said understandably, cow-calf producers are mostly interested in what their calves achieve in the saleyard.

“However at present other sectors do not have enough information to pay the price that reflects their true value to industry – surely this will come, eventually,” he said.

For a long time at Summit Gelbvieh, the Pugh family has been breeding an animal that is an intelligent crossbreeding option which takes into account all these issues.

John said this year’s team of bulls for sale look, and are, exceptional, which is fitting because it is the stud’s 10th on-property sale.

The sale will be held on-property at Narrikup on Friday, February 23 and will feature 35 bulls and 50 Gelbvieh composite females.

The Pugh family welcome on-farm inspections of the team before the sale and look forward to seeing you on sale day.



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