Weaners on offer in special online sale

27 Dec, 2017 04:00 AM

A SPECIAL weaner sale is taking shape with Primaries putting together its first ever sale in conjunction with Grow Safe Fertilisers.

The event is set to be held online via AuctionsPlus on Friday, January 5, 2018.

The sale, which will commence at 10am, features a number of well-grown lines of weaners from the South West, representing the Angus, Limousin and Red Angus breeds.

Primaries hopes to offer 400 head during the sale from vendors across the Great Southern as well as the South West, with nominations still rolling in at the time of publication.

Primaries sale co-ordinator Simon Green said conducting the sale via AuctionsPlus has plenty of benefits for the producers, purchasers and cattle alike.

“We elected to go with AuctionsPlus for this sale because of the nationwide coverage and advertising it offers,” Mr Green said.

“It also assists in animal welfare with the cattle being left on farm until they are trucked to the purchaser.

“There are positives for the purchasers with weight gains as well because as the calves are not taken off farm into a saleyard, the cattle will not be set back.

“We think if we can avoid transport to saleyards where possible it is a good thing, especially this time of year when the weather can be very hot and humid in the South West.”

Mr Green said another positive aspect of the AuctionsPlus sale format was that the vendor could set a reserve price at current market rates, rather than being just a price taker on the day.

All of the cattle set to be up for offer in the sale will come off certified Grow Safe properties, with Primaries noting some encouraging feedback on the quality of Grow Safe reared cattle.

“We have heard some very encouraging feedback about Grow Safe raised calves which have been sold to butchers and lotfeeders in the past,” Mr Green said.

“Butchers were very impressed with the soft, sappy meat and were of the opinion it was a lot more tender than the average vealer.

“There were also very limited numbers of dark cutters when these calves had been processed.

“Lotfeeders said they’ve noticed the rumens of the Grow Safe calves were far more mature than your typical vealer of the same age which then allowed for earlier weight gains as they didn’t go backwards once entering the feedlot.

“One lotfeeder said it was a fantastic idea to have a sale such as this online because all the details are there on the screen, along with photos, with the added benefit that the cattle won’t have to go through the stresses of a saleyard.”

Mr Green said Primaries was very keen to work with the producers involved with the Grow Safe product to help them market the stock grown on Grow Safe as a stand-out product.

“Primaries hopes to see numbers grow in future sales like this as the recognition for the Grow Safe product grows,” he said.

“It’s a fantastic initiative by the team at Grow Safe to get something like this sale off the ground.

“Primaries and the Grow Safe team are incredibly proud of the standard of cattle in the sale and wish to thank all vendors who have elected to participate in the inaugural sale.”

One of the larger lines featured in the sale will be a draft of 65 Limousin cross weaners from CR & AL Dimasi, Donnybrook.

The 8-10mo weaners are based on the Dimasi family’s Goodwood Limousin bloodlines.

Brian Trigwell, Lansdale, Donnybrook, will also offer one of the more substantial lines in the sale with 60 Angus steer 8-10mo weaners selected for the sale.

The Lansdale cattle are of a high quality, featuring Banskia Gully Angus bloodlines.

Another big line in the sale will be from Manjimup-based enterprise KL & DI Edwards who will offer 40 mixed sex weaners aged 8-10mo.

A few smaller lines will be offered as well, including one from AT & RJ Longbottom, Busselton, who will be presenting 18 Red Angus cross weaners during the sale.

The calves will be aged 8-10mo and weigh between 240-300kg.

They were sired by Kingslane Red Angus bulls.

Torridon Farm, Donnybrook, has 15 Angus, April-June drop steer weaners drafted off for the sale.

The Torridon cattle come from a Monterey and Koojan Hills blood base with recent additions of Esslemont, Denbar and Banksia Gully Angus genetics focusing on intramuscular fat and medium term growth rate figures.

The calves received 7in1 vaccines in July and August and were weaned on December 5.

Further nominations for the sale are still being accepted by the Primaries team.

For more information or to nominate cattle for the sale, contact your local Primaries livestock representative or sale co-ordinator Simon Green on 0429 136 029.

Courtney Walsh

Courtney Walsh

Courtney Walsh is a livestock journalist at Farm Weekly.


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