Willandra offers industry-focused bulls

08 Feb, 2018 04:00 AM
Lot 1 – Willandra Marmaduke (P).
Lot 1 – Willandra Marmaduke (P).

THE Cowcher family, Willandra Simmental and Red Angus studs, Williams, will celebrate their 30th annual on-property bull sale on Tuesday, February 13, with an offering of 36 Simmental and 18 Red Angus bulls that are of the highest quality.

Stud co-principal Peter Cowcher said the phenotype on display in this year’s line of sale bulls is a fitting testimony to many years of discerning selection and diligent performance recording.

“They are industry-focused bulls that are bred to provide heavy weaners that perform for both the milk-fed calf producer or in the feedlot,” Peter said.

“Our commercial calves are consistently achieving carcase weights out of the feedlot of 260 to 300 kilograms dressed, with six to 12mm of fat cover at about 12 months of age.

“And perhaps more importantly, we select for sires that guarantee us efficient and productive replacement females.

“Every bull we offer is one we would confidently use in our own commercial herd.”

The attention to detail in analysing the performance of the family’s stud Simmental and Red Angus herds at Willandra begins at birth.

Every stud calf, from about 300 in total, is accurately birth weighed (not guessed) and is tagged immediately to ensure the integrity of pedigree.

As calves progress all growth and carcase traits are measured.

On sale day prospective buyers will have all the performance data they need to help them rank their selections, in addition, raw birth weights and the bull’s scan data from late November will be available.

Peter said overall they were pleased with the depth of quality in the Simmental bulls to be offered, particularly the softness of the team, which is supported by above average EBVs for rib fat and IMF.

“We consider the first three Simmental bulls on offer in the team all have genuine stud sire claims,” Peter said.

Willandra Marmaduke (lot one) is a polled sire that the Cowchers believe has plenty to offer the breed.

Peter said it was difficult to find polled Simmental bulls of this calibre.

“He is an extremely well-structured sire with length, softness and great thickness,” he said.

“Plus he is backed up by an exceptional pedigree and excellent performance figures that place him in the top one per cent of all traditional Simmental bulls across all indexes.”

Lot two, Willandra Muscles, is also a standout for the Cowchers.

Muscles exhibits the great softness, capacity and balance of its grand sire Woonallee Brigadier and is a bull with performance figures that support its phenotype.

The Cowchers are so impressed with these two bulls that they have decided to retain a semen share in each for in-herd use only.

Willandra Maverick in lot three is a very classy young June calf from bloodlines that have consistently performed so well for the stud.

Maverick will be the highest Domestic Maternal Index 2016-drop sire to be offered this year in Australia.

The stud’s Red Angus team of 18 bulls is a very even team of commercially focused bulls and Peter said the Trevone Park Trendsetter grandsons rate as the best performing young sires at Willandra.

Willandra Manchester (lot 37) is the team leader and Peter said Manchester was a bull with great balance, length and thickness.

“His phenotype is well supported by EBVs that rank him in the top 20pc of the breed for all growth and carcase traits,” Peter said.

Willandra Macoy (lot 38) and Willandra Mobster (lot 42) are two very similar Trendsetter grandsons.

Both visually impressive, stylish young sires with great length and thickness.

Mobster ranks in the top 10pc of the breed for 200 and 400-day weight, plus milk and carcase weight.

All Willandra bulls purchased at auction are guaranteed for fertility, temperament and structural soundness and are delivered free of charge to the purchaser’s property within WA.

Each young sire is Zoetis Star accredited and has been tested negative for Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVDV) and has been vaccinated against BVDV, Leptospirosis (7in1 vaccine) and Vibriosis.

The Cowcher family invite all cattle producers to attend their 30th annual on-property sale on Tuesday, February 13, commencing at 1pm, with bulls penned and ready for inspection by 10:30am.

A complimentary barbecue lunch will be provided at 12 noon.

The Cowchers welcome inquiries and inspection of bulls prior to sale day.

The Willandra sale catalogue with photos of most lots is available on-line at willandrafarming.com.au



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