World Congress is heading to Australia

23 Jan, 2018 04:00 AM
WA Charolais breeders seen in Canada at a World event, Harris (left), Andrew and Anne Thompson and David Ellis.
WA Charolais breeders seen in Canada at a World event, Harris (left), Andrew and Anne Thompson and David Ellis.

THE Charolais Society of Australia Ltd is excited to announce that it will host the 2020 World Charolais Congress here in Australia.

Last held in Australia in 1992, the Congress promises to be a superb showcase of Australian Charolais.

The World Congress is held every two years around the globe with Sweden hosting the event this year.

The Charolais Congresses are well attended and offer a great opportunity to network with likeminded breeders from around the world.

It is staggering how a breed developed in one valley of France has adapted so well to the vast environments the Charolais breed now thrives in globally.

Breed development manager Colin Rex said the World Congress would be a great opportunity to feature the progress of the development of the Australian Charolais type to the world.

“The World Congress coincides with the 50th anniversary of Charolais being introduced into Australia and breeders are looking forward to showing their counterparts from around the world the reason Charolais have become the dominant European breed here in Australia,” Mr Rex said.

Recent weaner sales have again highlighted that producers are rewarded for weight and the ability of a Charolais sire to add performance to British breed dams is well documented.

A strong attribute of the Australian Charolais is the ability to not only add weight for age and muscle but also contribute their do-ability to finish within specifications.

These important attributes allow commercial breeders to maintain their cow size at a level their property can support and add punch to their calves with the Charolais sire.

The calves can then be marketed as either weaners or utilise their growth potential and be taken on to heavier weights.

It is this versatility of the Charolais breed that offers so much potential to commercial producers.



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