Boyanup weaner sale reaches $1.1m gross

14 Feb, 2018 04:00 AM
Jock Embry (left), Landmark Margaret River, with John Whiteford, Carbanup, at the last Landmark weaner sale for this season, at Boyanup where Mr Whiteford sold steers to $1216.
Jock Embry (left), Landmark Margaret River, with John Whiteford, Carbanup, at the last Landmark weaner sale for this season, at Boyanup where Mr Whiteford sold steers to $1216.

ANOTHER million dollar sale was achieved at the final weaner sale for Landmark at Boyanup last week, when 1157 cattle were penned to gross just on $1.1 million and average $952 in a decent lift on the past couple of sales at Boyanup in late 2017.

Within a couple of weeks Landmark alone has conducted sales at Boyanup returning more than $4.5m.

Buying strength was spread over agents, lotfeeders and live export with graziers managing to secure some as well.

Considerably above advertised numbers of 800 the better quality of both steers and heifers were strong with only extra lightweight and lower quality heifers lacking strong support.

Gandy Timbers, Manjimup, offered the first five pens of black steer calves, with the first two pens going to Semini Enterprises.

The first 12 steers weighed 413kg and sold for $1215 at 294c/kg.

The next 12 weighing 390kg made $1146 and 294c/kg also.

Ralph Mosca, Landmark Harvey, then bid to 312c/kg and 310c/kg for the next two pens costing $1178 and $1174, buying for a Wheatbelt lotfeeder.

Landmark Boyup Brook agent Jamie Abbs then paid $1063 at 312c/kg for the last 12 weighing 341kg.

Lotfeeder purchases were strong on the early heavier calves, with Semini adding eight Angus from RW & TJ Hull, with the 403kg steers costing $1201 at 298c/kg.

The top price of $1253 was paid by local lotfeeders, L & S Maiolo, Donnybrook, when the 415kg Charolais cross calves from Harvey Springs Estate made 302c/kg.

Landmark Waroona agent Richard Pollock took the bulk buyer prize after being hard pressed by Rodney Galati buying mainly for Livestock Shipping Services (LSS).

Early buys by Mr Pollock were 15 grey steers from Westbourne Holdings for $1025 when the 329kg steers sold at 312c/kg.

Landmark WA commercial livestock manager Darren Chatley to secured several lots for Great Southern lotfeeders, paying $1136 and 308c/kg for 14 sleek Simmental cross from GC & CA Brown, Cundinup, first up.

Nine Angus sold account Prenton Park, Capel, joined these for $1206 and 312c/kg also.

Another 14 Prenton Park steers weighing 325kg sold for $1033 and 318c/kg when bought by LG Robinson.

Lou Tuia, Melrose Enterprises, chips away at most sales and again secured several pens, starting with 11 Angus from JS Stowe weighing 336kg for $1041 and 310c/kg.

Included in the pens bought by Rodney Galati, LSS, were 12 steers weighing 295kg from Newburn Grazing Co that cost $1027 at 348c/kg.

Later 13 sold by Westbourne Holdings weighed 313kg and joined those at $1017 and 322c/kg, followed by eight Charolais of 285kg from Keith Adams that sold at 340c/kg.

Falcinella Brothers, Manjimup, sold 10 Murray Grey cross steers of 277kg, bought by Maywill Farms for $986 and 356c/kg.

The top of 374c/kg went to eight black steers weighing 233kg bought for S & C Livestock, costing $874.

The heavy heifers attracted strong demand, with a pen of 13 Simmentals weighing 410kg from LJM Produce going to GJ & J Watt, Treeton, for $1205 and 294c/kg.

Gavin Watt was strong on the heavier heifers, also taking a second pen of LJM heifers at 294c/kg and $1126 before adding 13 sold by GC & CA Brown at 296c/kg to cost $1085.

Landmark Brunswick agent Errol Gardiner snapped up the first pen of 12 Angus sold by LJM Produce, paying $1160 and 288c/kg for the 403kg females, going to Minga Flats.

The next 12 weighed 387kg and cost $1175 at 304c/kg.

The Angus females from Kelly-Brae, Gelorup, appealed to buyers, finally being knocked down to Mr Chatley paying $1094 when the 348kg heifers sold for the top price of 314c/kg.

Landmark Margaret River agent Jock Embry joined the action, taking the second pen of Kelly-Brae heifers at 290c/kg to spend $910 on behalf of Cosy Creek Farms, Manjimup.

Heifer prices continued above recent rates with others selling well included another 12 from LJM Produce going to GJ & J Watt for $1126 and 294c/kg, followed by 13 Simmentals sold by the Brown family at $1085.

Mr Pollock also secured a line of the Browns’ heifers, with these costing $1034 and 296c/kg.

Another four from MS & AM Talbot, Brunswick, weighed 415kg, going to GJ & J Watt for $1129 and 272c/kg.

Harvey Springs Estate sold 12 Chargrey heifers of 369kg for $1093 when Mr Pollock bid to 296c/kg.

Landmark Bridgetown agent Ben Cooper limbered up for the lightweight heifers, taking numerous pens for an eastern client starting with 11 sold by Newburn Grazing at 284c/kg.



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