Buyers boost top to $1300

24 Jan, 2014 01:00 AM
The annual Elders Great Southern Breeders Sale
All of the pens were sold, with the exception of 31 Murray Grey cow and calves, to gross $342,060
The annual Elders Great Southern Breeders Sale

BUYERS bolted out of the blocks at Mt Barker last week, to get their hands on some excellent breeders at one of the southern region's first female sales of 2014.

Those with a keen eye for quality took the opportunity to boost their numbers and bid consistently throughout the entire Elders Annual Great Southern Breeders Sale catalogue of 339 females.

All of the pens were sold, with the exception of 31 Murray Grey cow and calves, to gross $342,060 and average $1111.

The top price of $1300 was reached rather quickly when nine Angus heifers, pregnancy tested in-calf (PTIC), in the sixth pen were knocked down by Elders auctioneer Ray Norman to Denmark producer John Williams.

Mr Williams has been a regular buyer at the sale for many years and attended this year's sale to purchase a few replacement heifers.

He liked the PTIC Angus heifers, offered by Richard Davy, Windi Windi Pastoral Co, Mettler, as soon as he saw them and was willing to pay good value to secure them.

"I noticed the length of them first," Mr Williams said.

"They were well-bred and the type of nice, young stretchy cattle I was looking for."

The heifers were based on Coonamble blood and had been joined to low birthweight Angus bulls and are due to calve about February 20.

Mr Williams runs 400 mostly Angus breeders, with some Shorthorn females on his Denmark property and purchased a further nine PTIC Angus heifers, offered by AH Hall & Co, Tenterden, for $930.

The largest proportion of the sale consisted of PTIC Angus heifers and cows, with prices starting at $840 for the heifers and $700 for Angus cows which topped at $1160.

A wide range of buyers shared the Angus genetics between them, including M & M Gorman, Wellstead, who purchased a total of 34 PTIC Angus heifers for a top of $1100.

RJ & JK Nekel & Son, Denmark, paid $1100 for nine PTIC Angus heifers offered by MA & PK Wood, Green Range, followed by another eight PTIC Angus heifers for $1080.

The second line of heifers was offered by LT Toovey & Sons, Cranbrook, whose four lines of 20-month-old PTIC heifers joined to Boyacup Angus bulls reached good values, ranging from $1020 to $1080.

K Reddington, Gairdner, was also chasing Angus genetics, starting the spending spree with 12 PTIC Angus heifers from N Love & VJ Roche for $900, then buying two lines totalling 11 Angus and Angus cross heifers from NJ & MJ Skinner for $840 and $890.

From there, the Gairdner producer purchased three more PTIC Angus cross heifers for $850 before moving on to secure some older Angus females.

They bought the majority of the Rocky Creek, Kojonup, offering of PTIC Angus cows, totalling 20 for a top of $960.

Moving on to the Murray Grey section, it was the older Murray Grey cows that posted the higher values, with Mt Barker Transport paying the breed's $1120 top price for eight PTIC Murray Grey cows joined to Angus bulls, offered by M & SA Plowright, Narrikup.

The Dale Trust, Albany, also came close to the top in this section, after buying seven rising 3yo PTIC Murray Grey cows from RT & ME Cyster for $1100.

Pregnant Murray Grey heifers ranged from $940 to $1000 and a line of eight PTIC Murray Grey cross cows from Hovea Park, Mt Barker, made $1050 after NR & RW Meade, Balingup, purchased them.

Proving popular with buyers was also the Chargrey PTIC heifers offered by the previously mentioned vendors N Love & VJ Roche, with the first line of seven going to P & AM Mostert, Redmond, for $1020.

KH & DM Redman, Denmark, snapped up the other line of six PTIC Chargrey heifers, joined to Diamond Tree Angus bulls, for $930.

Flying the flag for Red Angus was vendor Mountain Valley, Narrikup, which offered 30 PTIC Red Angus cross cows in three lines, two of which were picked up by DG & BE Hicks, Albany, for $990 and $1000.

The third line of 14 Red Angus cross cows, in calf to Charolais bulls, went to Chris Blight, after a Landmark agent purchased them for $1000 on his behalf.



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